Keeping Your Coffee Fresh and Tasty with Tin Tie Bags

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Have you ever woken up and reached for the bag of coffee – or gone into your place of business – only to find that the coffee you thought was good had gone stale and lost all its luster? Chances are, the dire need for caffeine took over, tensions rose, and for the rest of the day nothing seemed to go right. It’s true, bad coffee can lead to a bad day.

Your customers want fresh coffee to enjoy in your shop and at home, so you need a way to ensure your coffee doesn’t go stale. Packaging it in tin tie bags not only provides an impressive, classic coffee shop aesthetic, it also keeps your product at peak freshness.

Prevent Baddies from Contaminating Your Coffee

Coffee tin tie bags are specially designed to block moisture or oxygen from contaminating your fresh coffee beans or grounds. The bags come with a closure that seals it shut when folded over, and is re-sealable for each and every use. Unlike regular bags, the coffee tin tie bag seals out anything that can cause coffee beans to spoil or lose its taste, such as debris found in the air. By cutting off contact with airborne particles, your coffee lasts longer and stays fresher than coffee left out on its own.

Extend Shelf Life

Here’s a no-brainer for you: If your coffee can stay fresher longer, then its shelf life will extended. Not only do you get fresher coffee, but you also save money by not having to replace a product that went stale before its time. What’s the magic behind all this? There are several different types of inner liners that lock freshness inside. These options are your standard Poly lined bags, the fully-compostable PLA liner, and bags lined with grease resistant paper. All of these types of linings help to keep the good stuff in (hello, perfect coffee) and the bad stuff out (so long, dust particles).

Offer Artisanal Packaging Customers Will Adore

No one gets excited about a plain old grocery bag, but so many of us swoon over great packaging. Remember being a kid on Christmas morning and the sight of all those beautifully wrapped packages was just as exciting as opening them? It’s still the same way today, only for adults. Your customers will love being handed neatly wrapped packages with high-quality material and a window box to view their new goodies inside. This helps to increase the perceived value of a product. It shows that you really care about what you are making and selling. An added bonus: branded items help get your company’s name out there, in front of other potential customers.

Choices include natural kraft, white, black, gold, bright red, and festive holiday bags.

For your business, it’s no question that you need efficient products to keep your goods fresh and safe from unhealthy debris. The coffee tin tie bags from can provide all the practical features you need and will look great for customers too.

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