Make Everyone Happy With Gift Cards in Pop-up Gift Card Boxes

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Gift cards are the ultimate Christmas gift. Everyone can use them, and everyone secretly wants them, especially to avoid the infamous experience from “A Christmas Story” of unwrapping bunny footie pajamas, complete with a cotton tail from your great Aunt Gertrud. However, the main reason many of your customers may choose not to purchase a gift card is because they feel it won’t make their recipient feel as special, or it won’t be as exciting to open as a wrapped present. But there is a way you can make gift cards just as unique, and convince your customers to purchase what they know will truly make the people on their list happy.

Pop-up gift card boxes are designed to present the gift card as a gift. They are made with special wrapping paper and display the gift card inside like the little gem it is. Recipients will feel very special receiving this gift, and you can make your customers’ lives much easier this year by offering this fancy gift card option.

Combine a Special Presentation with What Your People Really Want.

So many stores and restaurants sell their gift cards with only a mere piece of paper to write “To” and “From” and nothing more. This lack of personal touch and excitement is what keeps many customers from purchasing a gift card for family and friends, even though they may know that the recipient would love a gift card from that particular business. The holidays are meant for showing the people in our lives how much they mean to us and how much we care, and your customers want to give their loved ones something heartfelt and meaningful. Pop-up gift card boxes make giving a gift card something truly special.

Pop-up Gift Card Boxes Come in a Variety of Styles to Suit All Personalities.

You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns of pop-up gift card boxes to suit everyone on the list. For the “Christmas Elf,” offer boxes wrapped in Santa red or adorned with little Christmas trees over a gold background. The “Fashionista” will love a lipstick pink, leopard print, or silver cheetah print box. For something sleek and sophisticated, go for classic black, tuxedo pinstriped, or leather styles.

Pop-up Gift Card Boxes Make a Gift Card Special For Friends, Family, Boys, Girls, And All Ages.

No matter if you’re shopping for your mother, grandfather, daughter, nephew, or little brother, a gift card often makes the perfect gift. They are suitable for all ages and personalities because they allow the recipient to choose for themselves exactly what they want. However, giving a gift card doesn’t have to be dull and impersonal. You and your customers can make it special by putting the gift card inside a pop-up gift card box. They will truly enjoy receiving this little box and will feel excited opening it.

Help make the decision to buy a gift card from you much easier for your customers, and allow them to personalize it and make it truly something special with a variety of pop-up gift card boxes from


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