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Bulk Coffee Tin Tie Bags

Take an ordinary coffee bag / tin-tie bag and open a door full of endless possibilities with our broad selection of window coffee bags, white or kraft coffee bags, holiday collection bags, and other wholesale coffee bags for sale. Our wholesale tin tie bags come in three different varieties of multiwall liners, including polypropylene (PP), polylactic acid (PLA), and grease-resistant paper (GR) tin tie bags.
  • Paper exterior with poly lining keeps contents free from contamination.
  • 1/2 lb. - 5 lb sizes available in multiple colors of tin tie bags.
  • Tin tie bags can be custom branded with your company's logo or design. Click on the 'Customize' Button on the product page for more information.
  • Kraft coffee bags are also great for packaging pastries, cookies, chips, candy, confections and other dry goods.
  • Secure Tin tie closure provides easy access and allows the customer to reseal products, increasing shelf life.
  • Window bags give customers a view of your product inside the packaging, allowing them to see what they're getting.

Resealable Stand Up Coffee Bags with Valve

Coffee bags with a resealable zip top, one way degassing valve, heat seal top and block bottom construction to stand up straight.

Resealable Coffee Bags

These coffee bags (aka coffee pouches) are available in two styles: one features a heat seal top for filling, a reusable zipper seal for the customer, and a one way valve that allows your products to stay fresh, longer. The other option is a standard zip seal pouch that packs flat but stands up when filled.

Kraft Paper Poly Lined Coffee Bags

The poly-lined coffee bags are the perfect line of products to keep your coffee or other treats nice and fresh!

PLA Lined Coffee Bags

PLA Lined Coffee Bags are the ideal eco-friendly products for any coffee shop! Keep your coffee fresh with the most feasible product on the market!

Grease Resistant Paper Lined Coffee Bags

Ensure top quality and keep your coffee, candy, and treats fresh with these grease resistant paper-lined tin-tie coffee bags. These bags are compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable.

Black Coffee Bags / Black Tin Tie Bags

Black coffee bags with a black chalkboard exterior that stands out and can be written on with chalk markers. Poly lined, available in 2 sizes and a windowed option.

Tin Tie Cookie / Chips / Donuts Bags with Windows

Showcase your baked goods while keeping them fresh and secure with our tin tie cookie bags!

Window Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Our line of windowed poly-line coffee bags are the ideal tin tie bag to show off your delicious products, coffees, and candies alike!

Gloss Poly Lined Coffee Bags

Put your business miles ahead of the competition with our selection of gloss poly lined coffee bags! Available in two sizes with five color options to choose from!

White Matte Poly Lined Coffee Bags

If you're looking for a simple, cost-effective way to maximize your coffee business, then try our white matte poly lined coffee bags. Available in a wide range of sizes.