One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Billboard Ad

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Packaging is a great opportunity to remind your customers and a lot of other folks about your company, product, or service. Putting your name and info on your packaging gives you a chance to share a message. If you’re not putting your brand on your packaging, then you’re missing out on chances to spread your word every single day.

True Story

A long-time customer shared a story with us. His home goods store sold bulky products that required some pretty big bags. Those bags were a great place for some BIG branding. It was as if each customer who walked out of his store and down the street with one of those large custom bags was carrying a billboard with his store’s name prominently displayed as a reminder to every passer-by.

But the funny part was that he got an extra kick when pulling out of his home’s driveway in the morning. While driving down his street on garbage day he noticed something. Up and down the street he saw his store’s name plastered on bags full of garbage. He tried not to be proud that his bags were full of trash and in the junk pile. But his store’s name was still out for everyone to see, reminding them of his store, and showing just how many people were shopping there on a regular basis.


Reusing Boosts Branding

What are some other ways that re-use of your packaging serves as an ongoing reminder message? Well, if you use nice shopping bags with your logo on them, people are likely to carry their lunch to work in them.  Then everyone in the lunchroom will see your logo. It’s like a roaming testimonial. Maybe they carry their dress shoes to the office in your bag. Everyone on the street, bus, train, or in the hallway will see your message.

What if you put your restaurant’s name on a plastic carry out container? First of all, every time a customer opens their fridge, they’ll see your message. If they pack their lunch for work, there’s a good chance that coworkers are going to be exposed to your logo. And, if your customers store “knick knacks” in your plastic carry out container, then they might decide that they need to stop by your restaurant the next time they’re looking for a spare button, or a thumb tack. You’ve just placed your very own subliminal suggestion.

A box, bag, or takeout container with your name on it is a chance for you to get your brand out there for years beyond the brief time when other media will come, go, and be forgotten. Don’t miss out.

Tell Us Your Story

Have a story about your custom packaging that’s worth a share? We’d love to hear it!


Need help getting your brand added to your packaging? We can make it happen very easily. Give us a call at 888-321-2248 and one of our Packaging Advisors will be glad to help you.

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