Plastic Bags Continue to Show Their Worth

By Mya Koch
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Almost all of us have one – that stash, bin or dispenser of plastic bags we’ve rescued from the grocery haul just sitting there in our homes. We don’t give much thought to the power of the plastic bag when it comes to having a good solution for our patrons in the restaurant, coffee shop or boutique. But when it comes to the oft-maligned plastic bag, it may be worth giving another thought.

Plastic bags offer a multitude of benefits and many these days are, in fact, eco-friendly compared with their ancestors in the packaging world.

It’s true that some towns across the country are enacting plastic bag bans – many others are not. And while paper shopping bags and non-woven reusable bags are filling the gap beautifully for MrTakeOutBags customers and others, there are still reasons to continue to purchase and offer plastic takeout bags to your customers.

floating plastic bagsWhat are the perks to plastic bags?

There are several advantages to selecting plastic takeout bags when you are deciding how best to package your products for your customers.

COST – Because plastic bags can be mass-produced in larger quantities (from fewer resources), they often cost less than other packaging solutions. And for companies like, that is a cost savings that is easily passed on to  you, our own valued customers.

STORAGE AND SHIPPING – Plastic bags are relatively thin and lightweight, meaning they take up less space when they are packed as well as stored. This has a ripple effect, leading to a lower cost when shipping cases of them to your business.

AVAILABILITY – Coming back to being mass-produced, plastic bags are manufactured all over the country and generally well stocked in packaging and distribution businesses such as MrTakeOutBags. They come in a vast range of sizes, weights and styles; no matter what you are offering, we likely have a plastic bag that will work for you and your clients.

DURABILITY – If you’ve ever had a grocery clerk fill one too full or had moisture from that takeout meal leak into the bottom of the bag, you know the mess that can happen when it breaks. Plastic bags can handle weight and moisture, they stretch well and offer peace of mind when transporting goods.

The practical popularity of plastic bags

According to an article on the history of plastic bags from the United Nations Environment Programme, plastic shopping bags, which were “a novelty in the 1970s,” can now be found in every corner of the world.
They are produced at a rate of up to a trillion bags a year and show up everywhere from the ocean to Mount Everest. And while this widespread use raises a number of environmental challenges, their popularity has not yet begun to wane.

Let’s look at a timeline:

1933 — Polyethylene, the most commonly used plastic, was created by accident at a chemical plant in Northwich,
England. Though polyethene had been created in small batches before, this was the first “synthesis of the material that was industrially practical. Seeing its potential, it was initially used in secret by the British military during World War II.”

1965 – The one-piece polyethylene shopping bag was patented by Swedish company Celloplast. Its design quickly replaces cloth and paper throughout Europe.

1979 – Already controlling about 80 percent of the bag market in Europe, plastic bags begin to spread to the United States and other nations worldwide. Plastic manufacturers begin to aggressively market their single-use product as superior and more cost-effective to paper and other reusable bags.

1982 – Safeway and Kroger – two top supermarket chains in the United States, switch to plastic bags. Though they were yet to be fully accepted by shoppers, because these single-use bags are cheaper than alternatives, more stores follow the lead of Safeway and Kroger and make the switch. By the end of the decade, plastic bags almost entirely replaced paper around the world.

different types of bagsA bag for every reason

No matter what you need to pack up in a plastic bag, there is a safe, high-quality option available.

BEVERAGE CARRYOUT BAGS – Yes, you can have your takeout customers tote their drinks in bags. You can secure your drinks while carrying them easily with one hand in Wave Style Cup Carrier Bags. The square bottom in these clear plastic bags allows your drinks to stay in place without tipping or causing messes.

At 1.30 mils, they are heavy-duty and ensure secure transportation.

Up to two 32-ounce drinks fit comfortably inside of these translucent carriers that come ready to use with no printing. That being said, they also are fully customizable to show off your restaurant’s brand or logo.

Even better, there’s a Seal-2-Go option that offers a unique tamper evident delivery style with today’s home-delivery market in mind. There’s a permanent closure adhesive strip and a perforated line for opening, as well as a wide opening at the top that makes for easy loading. Providing peace of mind, this style ensures that no delivery driver can sneak a sip or contaminate your customer’s order – or your good name.

Check out our Beverage Carryout Bags here.

woman with mask and bagTAMPER EVIDENT PLASTIC BAGS – With the popularity of meal delivery services such as Grub Hub and Post-Mates that use third-party drivers to deliver food from your business to your customers, it’s more important than ever to protect the integrity of your products.

Tamper-evident plastic takeout bags remove the worry and leave control in your hands. At, we offer two main styles:

  • Seal 2 Go — The main functionality of these poly bags lies in an adhesive strip across the top of each bag. Once the protective covering is removed, line up the handles and press the adhesive strip onto the other side of the bag and you’ll have a seal that only can be broken by destroying the bag. This makes it abundantly clear if anyone tried to get inside of the bag and deters would-be snackers from trying in the first place. Check out a video all about how they work here.
  • Deliver Safe – These tamper evident plastic carryout bags come with a permanent closure adhesive strip and are clearly printed with the “Deliver Safe” design and “Tamper-Resistant Delivery Bag.” Their attractive soft loop single handle provides upscale look and their large gusset bottom allows for takeout boxes to rest flat. They’re fully customizable with your brand or logo and can carry quite the meal, coming in 1.75 mil and the heavier-duty 2.25 mil weights. Take a look at the Deliver Safe option.

WAVE BAGS – With their convenient carry handle, multitude of colors and flexibility, plastic wave bags have become a go-to choice for to-go food services:

  • Super Frost – These unique and distinctive bags will add a touch of style to your business’ offerings. Durable and compact, they keep food secure and reduce hassle for your staff and clients. Available in multiple colors and sizes, they are 2.0 / 2.25 mils thick, providing support and security, while their flat bottom adds ease and convenience. Available in lagoon blue, sizzling pink, lime, purple and clear, they can be customized with your business name and come in three sizes. Have a look for yourself.
  • Super Wave – At, our Super Wave style takeout bags have larger gusset bottoms and heavier gauge poly that provides superior strength. In fact, they can take on double to triple the weight of the average plastic bag and accommodate just about any type of takeout container.
    From leftovers to platters and trays, leaking and spilling chances are greatly reduced. Some even sport an attractive “Enjoy” design that is appealing to restaurant owners and diners alike. Take a look at the wide range of Super Wave bags available.
  • Biodegradable – Yes, Virginia, there are environmentally friendly plastic bags. Our most popular wave-style bags are now available with fully degradable plastic additive, making them among the most eco-friendly takeout bags on the market. The plastic is created using TDPA — which stands for totally degradable plastic additive – added to the normal poly, making it perfect for bake shops, coffee houses and all restaurants.
    These attractive bags are non-toxic and FDA approved for direct food contact. They come in four versatile sizes.

And now, we can offer a new look with our biodegradable black wave bags, which are quickly becoming a popular choice among eatery owners, boutique operators and dozens of other industries. Take a look at them here.

Keep in mind, too, our heavier-duty plastic carryout bags help to protect the environment, because folks tend to  hang onto them and reuse them long after the leftovers are gone.

T-SHIRT BAGS – These are the ones we all know and love – and pick up almost everywhere we shop. T-shirt bags are the most economical plastic carryout bags out there. Thin but strong, coming in 0.52 to 0.60 mils depending on their size, most come with no printing and are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Some do sport a multilingual “Thank You” design, but as always, can be personalized with your business name and colors. Take a look at our customizable T-shirt bags then give us a call to get yours.

CLEAR FOOD SERVICE BAGS – Do you offer candies, pretzels or popcorn in your store? Maybe a special coffee you’d like to show off. We’ve got you covered there, too. Our poly bags with a crimped bottom perfectly hold and showcase chocolate covered pretzels, lollipops and more. Add your own ribbon for a special touch.

In addition, we can offer clear frosted tin tie bags with a chipboard bottom. Easy to fill and use, they are the perfect home for coffee, loose tea, popcorn or even high-end bath products.

Ready to check them out for yourself? Have a look here.

RIGID HANDLE BAGS – Caterers are always in need of a good, strong bag when families come in for a feast. With several options available, our poly takeout bags fill the bill.

  • Clear takeout bag with handleSuper Clear Polypropylene Cupcake Bags are specifically designed to fit many of our cupcake boxes — even a mix-and-match of sizes that easily stack within. Use them for pie or cake boxes, takeout meals and more. We have another one that’s just as accommodating, in a slightly smaller size.
  • Black Poly Takeout Bags with White Handle – Dress up your fast casual offerings with this stylish matte black poly bag. It’s ideal for everything from BioPak meal boxes to plastic containers, oversized catering lunch boxes and baked goods. See for yourself how wondferful they look and remember, your logo would look great on them, too.

SOFT LOOP HANDLE BAGS –  If what you are needing is a larger, more durable bag to handle bigger takeout orders, you’ve found it. Soft-loop handled plastic carryout bags stand up to more weight and hotter temperatures. The strong soft loop handles provide ease of transportation and there are several styles and sizes to select from.

The half tray bag can carry up to two half-size catering trays and the full tray bags can haul up to three full-size catering trays. The heat-sealed square bottoms help to prevent leaks and messes and as always, they are fully customizable.

DIE-CUT HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC CARRYOUT BAGS – These extra heavy duty bags come in thicknesses of up to 2.5 mils, making them perfect for heavy deliveries as well as for reuse. The patch reinforced die-cut handles won’t break or give out on you and the flat bottom allows for ease of packing small containers such as burger and sandwich clamshells or desserts.

Manufactured with low-density polyethylene, they are strong, versatile and flexible. Have a peek at the range of sizes available through MrTakeOutbags.

polymerchainHi-density vs. low-density

According to the website, high-density bags will have a more stiff feeling and sound “crunchier.” In contrast, low-density poly bags will be quieter when carried or opened and have a softer feel.

And while hi-density plastic is thinner, it can still maintain its strength and can be more cost-effective, especially for a business just starting out.

The choice is yours; the pleasure is ours

Whichever style, color or size plastic bag you are in need of, we have the selection and the staff to help make it easy for you. Give us a call, send us your logo. We’d love to be your one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs. And that’s a promise you can carry with you.

Mya L Koch is a Sales Order Specialist for who has vast experience as a journalist, writer and editor for publications such as The Wilmington Star-News and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where she managed staffs of young writers and photographers and helmed daily, monthly and annual publications seen throughout the region. Her writings have been published in magazines, newspapers and most recently in a hard-cover book for the national Bring Music Home initiative. She has extensive experience as an editor, manager and in retail sales. She welcomes your ideas and suggestions for her blog post as part of the BABCOR Packaging / team.

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