REUSABLES: Going Beyond Recyclable into Something More Sustainable

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There was a time once when being recyclable was good enough. Whether it was recyclable food packaging or carryout bags, people were happy knowing that the item would skip the landfill and be recycled back into something new. In 2019, however, that’s not always good enough. We’re all doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint, and often times that means searching for reusable before recyclable. NPR recently shared a story about a Canadian grocer who tried to shame people into bringing reusable bags. (Spoiler: that planned backfired, but it was a creative and humorous attempt.)

We understand that people – especially young people who are buying the most takeout – are looking for sustainable packaging. Make sure you don’t get left in the dust by failing to offer what your best customers are asking for.



For fitness junkies and overbooked professionals, meal prep is a life saver. And when there isn’t time to plan out the meals, it’s prepared foods to the rescue. But many people are skipping the fast food drive thru and opting for healthier options found in cafes, grocery stores, and even gyms.

There are two types of meal prep containers out there: CuBE and everything else. They’re a better quality than others like it, which means they can be used over and over more times without losing their shape.


Reusable totes

photo by Bon Appetit

If you follow our blog (or our Instagram, hint, hint) then you know we always explain custom printed packaging as a walking billboard for your company. Every coffee cup or takeout bag that leaves your café or restaurant is a little advocate for your company. But at the end of the day, it is almost always a single use item, right? Well, when you have canvas tote bags with your logo printed on them, those puppies will make the rounds all over town while showing off your brand.

We’ve seen this become a more popular trend among progressive restaurants. Bon Appetit Magazine has a couple of great examples, including a few of our personal favorites like Middle Child in Philly, Momofuku in New York, and Rolf & Daughters in Nashville.


Not sure where to begin when it comes to more eco-friendly packaging? That’s okay, we can help. Give our experts a call at 888-321-2248. They’ll be happy to chat with you about all the ways you can work sustainable packaging into your business.

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