How Much Does Custom Printing Cost?

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If you’ve ever spent time checking out our custom-printed items section (and you should), you may have noticed that there is no pricing. But all the off-the-shelf stock items have a price, you say. And that’s true. But because there are so many factors that go into a specialty print, it’s impossible to accurately estimate what the price would be without first having a phone call. Here are just some of the variables that can affect the cost.

Pricing for cups and bags can be like apples and oranges.

The Item

Exactly which item are we looking at here? Is it a bag made from regular plastic or biodegradable plastic? Or is it a paper bag? Is that grease resistant paper? Does that takeout box require vent holes (if it’s fried food it does)? Speaking with an expert here will help you nail down the perfect item for your needs.

The Quantity

The amount of bags, or cups, or boxes being printed will play a big role in the price. The more you get the more it costs, right? Well sure, that’s true about the grand total of an order, but not true for the price per unit. An order of 5,000 bags will cost more than an order of 1,000 bags, but the price per bag will be much less when you buy more due to quantity price breaks.

Example of full-wrap printing.

Printing Type

Once you know how many of an item you want to have printed, that will determine the printing capabilities. Let’s say you want to have a paperboard takeout container printed with your logo. If you’re thinking you only need 1,000 or 2,000, then we can hot stamp the containers. Typically that will allow us one color printed on one side. Now, if you want to get 6,000 takeout boxes with your logo, we now have the ability to do a full wrap print in multiple colors.



Sometimes timing is everything. Need the printed boxes for an opening in 8 weeks? No problem. Need them for an opening in 8 days? Problem. Some items have a pretty hard and fast lead time, while others have a bit of flexibility (within reason). In rare cases, orders can be rushed to meet a deadline, in which case there is a rush fee.


These are all reasons why we cannot rightfully post custom pricing. On top of all this, we here at believe in building solid, long term partnerships with our customers. Our Packaging Advisors want to chat with you and learn more about your business. Give them a call today and get started!


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