The Importance of Impression in the Food Service Business

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From the moment your customers begin walking directly towards your food service business, they are forming an opinion about everything from the quality of your food—to the quality of your service. Whether you are a sit-down restaurant, food truck or caterer, the importance of impression is paramount. Below are some of your greatest areas of opportunity when it comes to making a positive lasting impression.

Exterior and Entrance

Whether your restaurant is a freestanding location, part of a strip mall or provides food service in a branded food truck or catering van—the exterior must be pristine. While areas such as the parking lot or surrounding businesses are out of your control—there are many things that you can control. Consider:

  • Adequate Outdoor Lighting
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean Delivery Vehicles
  • Clean Walkways
  • Well Maintained Exterior Elements—Paint, doors, awning, patio furniture, signage, etc.

Once customers step inside your restaurant doors, they should be able to quickly and easily identify where to go in order to be seated—as well as which way the flow of traffic is supposed to move.


Cleanliness is a must for food safety—but superior cleanliness is also expected from every customer you serve. This means that the attention to detail you give to the cleanliness within your restaurant, delivery vehicle, or visible areas of your food truck must be pristine. This includes tiny details such as dusting baseboards and significant details such as busing tables in a timely manner—and ensuring that the bathrooms look and smell clean and fresh.

If you have a sit down restaurant, also pay particular attention to your cutlery, drinkware, plates, dishes, and table linens.

Presentation of Plated Food

As you serve your appetizers, side dishes, main course, and desserts—they must not only taste superb, but first and foremost must look amazing. This includes everything from the color combination, arrangement on the plate, and enticing aroma. Even if you serve fairly casual fare, look for ways to make it uniquely you with you things like a specialty sauce, signature garnish, or creative serving dishes.

Presentation of To-Go Foods

Even if you do not offer delivery, your food is likely to be ordered to go—or taken home as leftovers. This means that you must do more than just order disposable food containers, but find takeout containers that combine everything from convenience, branding, and superior functionality.

As a restaurant owner or operator, you get so used to your daily operations—that it is essential to keep all the tips above top of mind so that nothing slips through the cracks. Make sure you have your to-go food presentation on point with help from With an extensive selection of food packaging products and guaranteed low prices, can help your business create an identity that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. From custom to-go containers to printed plastic carry-out bags, let take care of all your food service packaging needs.


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