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Food Truck Supplies - Disposable Packaging

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Brown Kraft Paper Food Trays

Perfect for food trucks of many varieties, these natural brown kraft paper food trays work great as hot dog trays or fry trays.

Catering Trays & Catering Trays with Lids

We offer these disposable catering trays that are made for secure travel and easy cleaning. Available sizes include: Small Catering Trays, Large Catering Trays, Extra Large Catering Trays.

Cutlery / Serving Utensils

Individual utensils, cutlery kits, serving utensils, biodegradable and compostable options available.


We have a wide array of options for paper napkins available! Check out our eco-friendly options!

Paper French Fry Bags

Grease resistant snack bags that are great for small portions of fried foods like fries or onions rings. Also great for popcorn.

Grab & Go Carryout Bags

Economical carryout bags with die cut handles. Great for a take out sandwich, chips, and a drink.

Bio-Pak Take Out Boxes

Bio-Pak Boxes are the perfect green take out container for any food truck. Choose from six styles: