Your Guide to Creating a Custom Label for Your Brand

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Custom labels are an excellent way to brand your business. Even if you do not sell a product, you can add your custom label to marketing materials or branded items that you give away as freebies. There are many factors to take into consideration when creating a custom label, such as the ones detailed below.

Includes Your Logo

Ensuring that your custom label includes your logo is a must, but you must also consider a few other factors above and beyond your standard logo. For example, your logo may not look as good when shrunk down to the smaller size required for your logo. Even if it looks good, the writing or graphics may be too small to be effective. This means you may opt to have a slightly different logo on your custom labels, or that you only utilize a few of your logos main elements—such as writing your business name in the same font, or designing the label in the same colors.

Contact Information

Aside from adding your logo to your custom label, also consider the type of contact information that is the most essential. In many cases, your website address or phone number will do, but depending on your needs, you may prefer a sales representative’s direct information. Depending on the size and layout of your label, you may also choose to have social media information or QR codes for labels linked to promotional products.

Size And Scale

Another thing you must consider is that your labels may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. You may need a variety of sizes to ensure appropriate scale for your individual products or marketing materials the label is being added to. Depending on how varied your label sizes are, you may also need to tweak the layout and graphics of the label. For example, your full logo may fit nicely on your larger labels, but not on your smaller labels.

Ability To Personalize

If you will be using your labels on products that will potentially be given as gifts, are placed on special orders, or will be sent out for delivery—you may want to consider leaving enough room for your clients to personalize their label. This could be something as simple as creating a gift tag layout that allows for a simple “To” and “From.” Also consider offering your labels in different colors, or with different borders and graphics to celebrate everything from birthdays to holidays. Keep in mind that you can have a standard label that you use for most of your products, and personalized labels available upon request.

Stand Out

Another factor you must consider, is if your label will stand out or pop on your packaging. If you are going to take the time to invest in custom labels, then they must not blend in so well that they go unnoticed. For this reason, you may print your labels in a variety of colors, so that you can also have an adequate level of contrast.

Along with all of the factors above, you want to ensure that your custom label accurately represents the look, feel, and message you want your brand to deliver. Whether you’re looking for your labels to be functional, fashionable, or even a little bit of both, look no further than the custom label design services from Contact us today to have a custom packaging consultant get in touch with you and get started creating your brand’s own custom packaging solution!

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