5 Food Packaging and Container Needs for Your To Go Restaurant

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If you own or run a food delivery business, food packaging and containers likely comprise a major percentage of your inventory. When you package food and beverage products efficiently, your customers will be more satisfied and you will grow your bottom line. If you’re starting a food delivery business or wish to improve the efficiency of your packaging and container system, you might consider adding the following items to your regular inventory.

  1. Hinged Containers for Ease of Use 

Your top priorities in relation to take out containers will include ease of use for both your employees and your customers. Hinged containers are generally easy to keep closed, which is crucial when prepared food is being transported. Regardless of the type of material you choose for such food boxes, the fact that they are hinged will help you save money. They will aid your workers in preventing spills, which will prevent the need to replace orders. Additionally, customers who must deal with messes are not apt to become return customers, so hinged containers can help you to avoid losing customers unnecessarily.

  1. Transparent Containers for Efficiency

Transparent containers can help you to improve the efficiency of your food delivery business. When employees are able to instantly view the contents of to go boxes, bowls, and cups, they can save time by not being forced to open them. This can be especially useful when large or bulk orders are being prepared for delivery.

Clear containers also allow customers to see food, and this can produce a positive effect (on multiple levels) in regard to how they feel about the items they’ve ordered. Once an order is delivered, a customer can see that the right food has arrived. Viewing the food through its container is also the equivalent of seeing it as it’s delivered to a table in a restaurant. This instant visual opportunity may enhance the entire dining experience.

  1. Microwaveable Containers for Convenience

Another way to offer convenience to your customers (and thus, to increase your value to them) is to package their food orders in microwaveable containers. No matter how hot an order is when it leaves your restaurant, it can still cool down somewhat by the time it reaches the customer’s location. Additionally, countless people store their restaurant leftovers in their takeout containers. Such individuals are apt to appreciate having the ability to reheat their food without placing it in different containers.

  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Environment

An option that many customers may prefer is delivering food packaged in containers that are environmentally friendly. Not all cities are equipped to recycle Styrofoam, and not all plastic containers are recyclable. The solution to these issues is a container made from material that is more likely to be recycled, such as cardboard. This kind of packaging can be designed to be leak-resistant, and it can even be made to go in the microwave safely.

  1. Customized Packaging for Additional Advertising

In a market that is always highly competitive, you can’t ever really advertise too much. Any opportunity to plant the name of your business in the minds of customers should be utilized. By customizing all of your to go containers to include your restaurant’s name, logo, and contact information, you will be advertising your business to every customer who orders from you. This can help to increase your percentage of repeat business. Customized packaging may also be seen by your customers’ houseguests and coworkers, which can further maximize your advertising efforts and budget.

The main purpose of to go containers and packaging is to securely transport and store food and beverage orders. However, the kinds of packaging and containers you select may serve many additional purposes. No matter what your purpose may be, make your one stop shop for all your packaging needs. With same day shipping and the largest selection of innovative food service packaging options, finding the perfect to go container for your needs is easier than ever. Shop today for our guaranteed low prices and discover how we can help your business grow its bottom line.

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