3 Simple Ways to Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

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Think about it: what makes you choose one brand over another? What makes you even remember one brand while forgetting another? Companies that differentiate themselves from the competition are the ones that are remembered – and revisited – by customers. Many will say that it’s extremely difficult to get noticed in the food service industry, and they’re right. Thankfully we know a thing or two about how to stand out in a crowd.




One of the easiest ways to set your business apart from others? Become a horse of a different color. Meal prep containers, for example, are available in more than just the standard black base and clear lid. Package your food in vibrant lime green, or eye-catching orange. Coffee shops that go against grain opt for nontraditional cup colors such as black or blue. Each customer that leaves the shop with one of these cups in hand helps to draw attention back to the business.


We’re all familiar with the standard plastic “Thank You” bags – but standard is not what you are. Graduate to the next level by switching to wave carry out bags. The flat bottom makes it easy to stack takeout boxes without them tipping and spilling. A wave-like handle with a circular cut out adds to the design, but also provides durability. For restaurants using a delivery service, the new Seal-2-Go bags are the best way to ensure food arrives to your customers hot and untouched.



Sure, you can have top-of-the-line premium packaging but it means nothing if you’re using the incorrect item. Imagine a bakery that put their sweet, butter-heavy treats in a bag that was not grease resistant. Customers’ fingers would become covered in oil before they even got to the pastry. At the same time, you wouldn’t put a catering tray into a flimsy bag, you would need something that was up to the challenge. Simply by making sure you have the proper items for the application, you give yourself a leg up on the competition.

Of course, if you need any help figuring out what exactly the right items are – or if you’re ready to talk about putting your logo on your packaging – feel free to give us a shout. Our Packaging Advisors can be reached Monday through Friday (8:30 – 6 p.m. EST) at 888-321-2248. They’re happy to help you step up your game.

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