These plastic bags feature a distinct wave-like handle, allowing a sleek and marketable bag for companies to catch potential customer's attention. They are constructed to be able to sit open on a flat surface, allowing for convenient and easy packaging while minimizing the risk of spillage. These carryout bags are customizable through MrTakeOutBags, so that you can beautifully display your company's logo. With a combined 31 different sizes, colors, and shapes, we are sure that you will find the right wave carryout bag to fit your needs.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Flat bottom
  • Perfect for take-out, bake shops, coffee houses, retail, and restaurants
Super Frost Wave Bags

Super Frost Wave Bags

Impress your customers with our collection of Super Frost Wave bags! These strong, dynamic bags will surely add some color and style to your business!

Super Wave Carryout Bags

Super Wave Carryout Bags

If those inexpensive, generic plastic take out bags just aren't cutting it anymore then add a little flair to your take out and go with our Super Wave to-go bags.

Biodegradable Wave Style Bags

Biodegradable Wave Style Bags

Eco-Friendly, Degradable Plastic Bags that are ideal for takeout orders, bakeries, coffee shops, and so much more!

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