Here They Come: Preparing for Holiday Shoppers

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The holidays are quickly approaching and with them comes the swarm of hungry shoppers, spending the day checking off their shopping lists. While the retail world gets inundated with customers, the food industry keeps all the shoppers – and late-night retail workers – well fed.

Make sure your restaurant is well stocked with the disposable items and packaging that it needs to survive the crowds. Because let’s face it, it’s the most wonderful time of the year unless you have tired, hungry customers who are angry that your restaurant doesn’t have a takeout box for leftovers.

First thing’s first: boxes.

Whether it’s for a bakery, a restaurant, a deli, or café — having the right takeout box is crucial. Just imagine trying to cram half a dozen doughnuts into a pastry bag. It ain’t happening. Or try telling your customer that he can’t take home his leftover dinner because you’re fresh out of takeout containers. Trust us, it’s not a pretty sight.


Give them bags

Chances are your customers might already be juggling shopping bags filled with holiday toys and gifts. Make things easy for them by offering to bag their leftovers. Bakeries, make sure you’re fully stocked with bags that are large enough to carry your biggest boxes.

Pro tip: This time of year people lug packages and gifts to houses and parties. If your business offers a high-quality bag, chances are it will be reused during this process. This is a golden opportunity to get your company logo on the bag. Or as we like to call them, walking billboards.

Bottoms up!

It’s hot chocolate weather across much of the United States, and that means an increase in paper hot cup usage for coffee shops. Time to check inventory on cups of all size, matching lids, and paper sleeves. If you prefer to cut down on storage (and inventory duty) consider a double wall cup because it requires no jacket. When working with a double wall cup, you should consider putting your business name on there, too.

Have what you need for your restaurant this holiday season? We can help keep you fully stocked with all the items you need for catering events, takeout, and fast casual dining. We have experts here to help you decide what’s best for your business. Give them a call at 888-321-2248.

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