3 Ways to Make Your Takeout Bags and To Go Containers Stand Out in 2015

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Marketing a restaurant or some other kind of small food service business can be challenging. If you’re just starting out, you have to convince people somehow to go with your services instead of more established businesses. Of course, there are plenty of great ideas for attracting business to a new restaurant. You can market your services on social media, air television and radio spots or circulate flyers. All of these are great ideas and have been very successful in the past, but one idea that you should never overlook is to use custom food packaging and takeout containers to advertise your business.

Take out food containers and other kinds of food packaging can be pretty simple; all they really have to do is keep a customer’s food fresh until they can get it home. However, they also provide some great opportunities for you to market your restaurant to others. Here are just a few ways that disposable food containers can be a great opportunity to advertise your business.

Showcasing a Unique Logo

The most obvious thing that you can do for your takeout food containers is to showcase your business’s logo. Creating a great logo is an art in itself, but once you have a logo for your restaurant you should display it as often as you can, including on your custom food packaging. It should also have a consistent appearance and color scheme since the idea is to create brand recognition across all advertising platforms.

Including a Menu

Depending on what kind of takeout food containers you have, this may not be an option. It obviously takes a lot of space to include a menu on a to-go box, but if you have that space you should by all means take advantage of it. Not only is it convenient for your customers who will want to order food in the future, it may also attract new customers and let them know what your restaurant has to offer.

Being Convenient and Functional

As important as it may be for your packaging to have a unique logo and a menu, the most important aspect is that it is functional. Takeout containers need to be able to hold a customer’s food, after all. When you’re designing your custom food packaging, don’t get so caught up with being aesthetically pleasing and unique that you end up making your containers impractical. Customers will remember a useful container much more than they will a pretty and unique one.

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