The Power of One Color Printing

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You may think that custom printing your logo on bags, boxes or tissue wrapping paper needs to have a lot of flashy colors to have an impact. Sure, a multicolor takeout bag, for example, may get noticed by some, but it’s not always the best route. Sometimes simple is best. And when it comes to custom branded bakery or restaurant packaging, single color printing can be your best friend.


Think about it, how many colors is the Starbucks logo? How about Target’s logo? They are only one color and they are instantly recognizable. When you get too many colors involved with your logo, it can become difficult for people to really remember it or know it when they see it. When someone sees the Coca-Cola logo, they know immediately what brand it is. In fact, the marketing team at Coke may have influenced how we envision Santa Claus today.


Sticking with a one color logo allows your customers to focus on what’s most important: the product behind the logo. Without the dizzying distractions of various colors, people are able to focus on just the brand and what it means to them. Do you represent a quality product? How about great customer service? These are the things that will come to mind when they are able to focus solely on your branded logo.


This may come as no surprise, but in most cases printing with one color is less expensive than printing multiple colors. Opting for one color is a great way to keep cost down while still investing in your brand. In fact, sticking with one color printing also allows for, in most cases, a lower minimum quantity to print. This allows you to test the waters with a small quantity order to see if it’s the right choice.


If you have a one color logo for your to go bags or boxes, you can usually have options to print smaller quantities.  In many cases it’s as few as 1,000 pieces. When printing multiple colors, it becomes much harder to print small quantities.


Deciding which of your food service takeout or beverage packaging to print can be difficult. Your budget may require you to choose between multiple items you want to brand. Typically the most visible item is often the best choice. That is often a takeout bag, but not always. On the other hand, a bakery may be better off printing their cupcake boxes than their bags. The box is likely to stick around longer and be seen by more people.

A coffee shop will likely want the cups printed instead of a bag or box. There are a ton more cups leaving a coffee shop than there are pastry bags. A sandwich shop may want to have the wrapping paper printed because the customers see that in most cases. It can also serve to be a tray or basket liner with the printed logo.

We are here to help.

As we often say, printed takeout bags are like a walking billboard. Why dilute a striking logo with a variety of different colors when simplicity can have a bold effect. Still not sure? Give our Retail and Food Service Packaging Advisors a call to learn more. They can help you decide what type of printing, and on what item(s), is going to have the best overall effect on your business. Call today at 888-321-2248.

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