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There are plenty of reasons you might think custom-printed takeout items like bags, boxes, and cups are outside of your company’s reach. But rather than make excuses about why it won’t work, consider all the things that make customization more attainable than you ever realized.

The myth: “Custom packaging is only for big companies”

We get it, printed packaging looks very professional. You might think that branded packaging is only for the big dogs, like national burger or coffee chains.

The truth: It’s not

The truth is; more and more small businesses recognize packaging as a powerful branding tool.  If you already buy takeout boxes or delivery bags, it makes sense to add your logo to it. Now those takeout bags are walking billboards.

The myth: “Printing requires big minimums”

In order to get a logo printed on an item, the manufacturer needs to produce tens of thousands of units, right?

The truth: It doesn’t

The minimum quantity required for branded packaging is, well, minimal. Printing options such as hot-stamping help our customers keep minimums low while still getting their logo on things like takeout bags and bakery boxes. Our Packaging Advisors can help you determine what type of customization works for your needs and budget.

The myth: “Branded packaging is too expensive”

If you’re a savvy business person, you know the importance of a dollar. So it’s possible that you arrived at the conclusion that custom-printed packaging is not money well spent. But ask yourself, can you afford not to invest in your brand?

The truth: It isn’t

When it comes time to crunch the numbers, keep this in mind: your business has a budget for both packaging needs and marketing efforts. Custom-printed items fall into both categories, which helps stretch every dollar. Once again, each piece of packaging leaving your business and bearing your logo is now a moving advertisement stirring up buzz and enhancing brand awareness.

Ready to take the first step to branding? Call our experts and they’ll help get you started. They can be reached at 888-321-2248 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m to 6 p.m. Eastern.

It’s Red, White and Blue Season!

It’s not too early to order now for the picnic season. Get yourself and your business in the spirit with some of our favorite red, white, and blue items. They’re sure to give your event a whole lot of patriotic holiday flair.




Corrugated paper coffee cup sleeves

That’s right, they come in red now, too! Dress up your coffee cup with a colorful jacket. Available for 12, 16, and 20 oz cups.


Red Insulated Ripple-Wrap Coffee Cups

Prefer to skip the sleeve and go right to a double wall hot drink cup? We got you covered with the vibrant ripple-wrap coffee cups in red. Available in 8, 12, and 16 oz sizes.


Red Pinstripe Gable Boxes

Add a bright pop of color to your next box lunch or catered event with these pinstripe barn boxes. Available in three sizes.


Stackable Handled Lunch/Cupcake Boxes

For those who want an even more elegant look, reach for the Really Red box. Their stackable feature makes them perfect for catering.


1/2 pound Red Gloss Tin Tie Bags

Whether you’re selling coffee, baked goods, or even candy – these glossy red bags offer a great flash of color. Also available in 1 pound size.


Red Gloss Paper Shopping Bags

Ideal for gifts but also great for takeout, these eye-catching shopping bags will help your business stand out.


Really Red Merchandise Bags

These vivid bags add a lot of pizazz when packaging up wine or bread.



Dopaco White Paper Soup Cups

Classic white paper soup cups may look like an everyday item, but pair them with red and blue packaging and it will show off your patriotic side.


Matte White Tin Tie Coffee Bags

Opt for a fresh and sophisticated look with these clean white tin tie bags. Fill with coffee, candy, or pastries. Available in 1/2 pound, 1 pound, and 2 pound sizes.


White Paper Shopping bags/Double bottle Wine Bags

These twisted paper handle bags are not only sleek but also durable. They can hold two bottles of wine, or an assortment of retail items.


White Gable Boxes

Available in a variety of sizes, these classic white barn boxes add a tasteful touch to any occasion.


White Carry-Out Meal Boxes

Easy to use and especially great for fried food because of the vent holes, these white carry-out boxes are a must have for many restaurants. Available in three sizes.




Blue Ripple Paper Coffee Cups

Stand out from all the other coffee shops and bakeries with these rich blue insulated cups. Available in three sizes.


Navy Blue Crinkle Cut Shred

Fill your gift baskets and gift bags with this eye-catching blue paper shred. It will help cushion fragile items while enhancing the look of your presentation.


Navy Blue Matte Paper Shopping Bags

A deep, rich blue gives these little shopping bags a level of sophistication. Perfectly sized for gifts and small takeout orders, these are a go-to for a variety of shops and cafes.


Reusable Grocery Bags

Customers will love your reusable tote bag, especially this navy blue one!


Some of our sweetest custom packaging

Custom-printed packaging is important for every business, and that includes bakeries. It can help get a company’s name out there, or increase brand recognition, and ideally it will drive traffic to your location. So we hand-picked a few of our favorite custom orders to share because we found them to be smart, eye-catching, and unlike their competitors.

River Oaks 

Branding is at its best with the same logo printed across multiple platforms.

Perhaps the strongest, most successful way to get your name out there is with cohesive branding across multiple items. This demonstrates a consistency in style and an emphasis on brand recognition. And it increases the chances of being noticed when a business has their logo on various packaging products.

Bon Glaze

Does your packaging leave a lasting impression?

Be distinct, be unique, and create custom printed packaging that perfectly reflects your brand, its style, and its message. Stand out from the competition with all-over printing. This also ensures that the custom logo is seen from any angle. An allover design adds a certain liveliness to any packaging, and is sure to be memorable to all who see it.

Sweet Tooth Bakery

Go bold with full bleed color in your company’s specific Pantone hue.

Does your bakery or cafe have a Pantone color in the logo? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your perfectly picked pigments remain consistent throughout all your branding, including your custom packaging. Picture it: a customer walking down the street carrying your instantly recognizable box, the one that matches your bags and your logo and your website. Perfect harmony!

Portland Patisserie

Sometimes the boldest look is also the simplest one.

A logo doesn’t need to be complicated  to be fancy. Many of our favorite designs are simple, striking, and memorable. Take, for example, the Portland Patisserie, which has white film hot stamped onto black pastry boxes. The image is clear and the bakery’s name is easy to read.

Interested in learning more about how to create custom packaging for your business? Call one of our packaging specialists at 888-321-2248.

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about food packaging and food trends. But we know that custom-printed packaging is just as beneficial in the retail world as it is in the restaurant industry. Trust us, we got our start in retail!

That’s why we were so excited to work with best friends Kristin and Amy on custom bags for their unique clothing line and shop, Evelyn Blu. Based in a 1969 Air Stream trailer, Evelyn Blu is designed to bring the shopping experience directly to the customer.

Small Space, Big Allure

“The trailer is a complete store,” says co-owner Kristin Sobrel. “There is a sitting area, two long racks of clothes, and two dressing rooms.” Sobrel explains that they team up with different restaurants around town, or cater to home parties. “It was important to us that we put our logo on the bags we use so that people know how to find us again,” she says.

They made sure that the look of the paper shopping bag reflected the look of the boho chic clothing line. “We love the relaxed look of the kraft paper,” says Sobrel. “It’s reminiscent of butcher paper and just has this homegrown feel to it that we couldn’t resist. It’s simple yet beautiful and looks like something that was hand-stamped. It goes with our style and helps us get our name out there.”

Evelyn Blu recently celebrated its first anniversary. We love having the opportunity to work work with growing companies, especially when we get to help them promote the brand they’ve worked so hard on. If you’re ready to have your logo on your packaging, give our advisors a call! They’re ready to help make it happen.

We’re here to help: 888-321-2248 – Monday – Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

If there’s one piece of printed packaging that we recommend more than other, it would have to be food grade tissue. Used as basket liners, tray liners, sandwich wraps, burger sleeves – you name it! It’s a versatile staple found in so many restaurants. From fast casual to gastropubs to takeout, this type of paper is undeniably useful. So why wouldn’t you add your logo to that paper?

One thing we hear is that the minimums required to print the paper are too high. It used to be that 25,000 sheets were required to start. While that is only five cases of 5,000 sheets (a modest footprint when it comes to storage space) it was just outside some of our customers’ reach.


Nic’s Organic Fast Food

We’ve highlighted the obvious benefits of logoed food tissue time and again. We know, and our customers know, what it can do to help promote a brand as soon as those food pics are posted to social media. Not to mention the fact that branded packaging increases the overall perceived value of any product.

Drum roll please…

That’s why we are so excited to announce a new printed paper program that is about to change everything. Now we have the ability to print as few as 1,000 sheets! With this new digital printing in place, it also opens the door to more colors. There’s no need to pay per color with this new technology. The inks are vegetable-based, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this paper can’t stand up to some of the toughest foods. These sheets are grease proof and ultra durable.

The Lunchbox

Additionally, the turnaround time is typically two weeks after all artwork is approved. So whether you need branded basket liners for an upcoming event, or you’re just getting started with custom paper, this new program may be perfect for you.

So what’s stopping you? Give us a call today and see how we can help you boost your brand awareness with one simple item.


Our Packaging Advisors can be reached at 888-321-2248 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Packaging Collections:

You already know that we’re obsessed with branded packaging collections. We can’t help but notice and appreciate when a company uses a good design to create memorable takeout boxes, shopping bags, bakery boxes, disposable cups, napkins – the list goes on and on! Customized packaging is eye-catching, especially when it’s cohesive and works on multiple items. We rounded up a few of our favorite printed collections.



Before this Brooklyn bakery opened in July 2017, they contacted us. They had a vision for all their paper bread bags, coffee cups, and bakery boxes. Using a strong, simple design and consistent style, BAKERIE was able to put together a collection of top-notch printed packaging. By sticking to one main color across all items, they made distinct and memorable packaging – something that helps with brand awareness.

Nic’s Organic

Our customer opened a fast food restaurant that boasts an entirely organic menu. Located just outside of Chicago, Nic’s Organic Fast Food used a signature bold green, red, and black logo across all their items. From takeout bags, to cups, to placemats – each item bares the company logo.


Giovanni’s Pizza and Pasta in downtown Pittsburgh could be like any other pizza shop on the block. But they understand that it takes more than just a great product to stand out in a crowded market. So they took their logo and added it to sub bags, paper SOS bags for sides, plastic bags, and large paper takeout bags. With a focus on takeout and delivery, it was important for this pizza shop to put their name on each item that leaves their doors.

Mini Delights

In San Antonio, Texas you’ll find the new Mini Delights stand at North Star Mall. This is an excellent example of really utilizing custom printed items to get the business name out there. Specializing in mini donuts and churros, this customer of ours put the logo not only on the specialty paper tubs that the treats are sold in, but also on the paper that lines the tub, and on the hot and the cold cups. They even got printed grease resistant paper bags and stickers.



Ready to put your logo across all your packaging? We can help! Whether you’re starting out with one custom printed item, or you want to do the whole lot, our Packaging Advisor are here to get you exactly what you need. They can be reached at 888-321-2248, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

When it comes to extraordinary details, Shrimp Daddy hits the bullseye. The Los Angeles-based restaurant recently invested in branded food tissue. The results were almost immediate according to June Quan, Esq. who is the Head of Marketing at Shrimp Daddy.

Practical Investment

“We serve our Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp inside a beautiful pineapple boat,” says Quan. The best part? Something as eye-catching as a pineapple boat is like a neon sign pointing straight to the restaurant. “When people are walking around with the boat or sitting down and eating, people always ask where they got it from.” Quan and the team decided to let custom printed tissue do all the talking.

“We wanted our branding to be prominent on the pineapple without getting in the way of their delicious meal,” Quan explains. “Since we were already using wax paper when serving our customers, we thought branded wax paper would be the perfect move. The response has been incredible!”

images courtesy of Instagram

Brand Recognition

As Head of Marketing, Quan understands the importance of brand recognition. “The wax paper will definitely help with brand awareness and allow people to see where our beautiful Hawaiian garlic butter shrimp in a pineapple boat comes from without needing to ask around. We have been so blessed that people love taking photos of our food and posting on their social media. Now with the wax paper, our branding can be included in photos!” And we already know the power of customers’ social media posts.

When asked if she would recommend custom printing to other business owners, Quan says “We would absolutely recommend custom printing!”


So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you put your unique logo onto your packaging? To get started, give out Packaging Advisors a call at 888-321-2248 Monday – Friday; 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST.

In Helena, Montana there is a coffee shop whose clever name says it all: Scenic Brew. Owner Beth White understands the importance of putting the café’s logo on their packaging. That is why the coffee cup sleeves bear the iconic company name and logo.

When they first started working with us they used the solid color Eco-Sleeves. It was a very popular product that was eventually discontinued by the manufacturer. Once these sleeves were unavailable, it was time for Scenic Brew to step up their game with custom-printed sleeves.

The results are in

“We love the sleeves,” explains White. “They are a pertinent piece of our branding.” What makes them so important is that potential customers see the printed sleeves out and about in the world. Imagine seeing a coworker with a Scenic Brew Coffee cup on her desk each day. You start to recognize the image.

“Our cups are very visible and people are quick to recognize a Scenic Brew Coffee cup strictly because our sleeves and dark chocolate brown lids combo is so striking,” says White.


It’s clear that having a distinct style, along with a branded item, helps build brand awareness among potential customers in the community. The right kind of marketing can be as influential and as valuable as “word of mouth” when it comes to promoting. It’s something that White recognizes and plans to stick with.

“We intend to continue using this design in both our locations,” she says, “as well as future locations as we continue to grow and open more shops.”

Since MrTakeOutBags is located in Pittsburgh, we are extra excited when we help out local businesses. And when they happen to sell health-conscious yet still irresistible lunches, we get downright giddy. We recently had the pleasure of helping Earth Inspired Salads get the printed plastic bags they needed.


Two Locations

The fast causal restaurant has two locations in office-heavy locations. The focus is on providing professionals with high quality and healthy lunches. Pittsburgh is known as a meat-and-potatoes town, but the folks at Earth Inspired Salads know there’s more to it. There is a big market of customers who care about heart-healthy meals. Need proof? Their first location has been in business for four years, and their latest location is approaching its second birthday.

Walking Billboards

“We love seeing our logo walking all around downtown,” says GM Britney Short. “Most of our business is takeout, so we often see people walking around carrying our bags around.” When asked how having a custom bag helps promote Earth Inspired Salads, Short says “It certainly keeps the conversation going. People bring it back to their offices and break rooms.” And with their updated bag design, she feels confident it’s the right conversation now.

The Better Bag

This is not the company’s first shot at custom printing. Unfortunately, though, their first custom bag (which came before we were introduced to them) was ill-suited for the business. A one color design with fonts that did not fit their theme was doing very little for their revenue or their image. Now, equipped with a bag that reflects their brand and as well as their aesthetic, Earth Inspired Salads is becoming an even bigger talk of the town.

Specialty goods call for specialty packaging.

At the North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas there is a popular new bakery kiosk where new and returning customers alike are finding rare treats: mini doughnuts and mini churros. Karla Peña is the majority owner and CEO of Mini Delights. According to her, Mini Delights is the only spot in the area where you can find these delectable sweets. That, and the fact that they are a growing business trying to make a name for themselves, is what drove Peña and her team to custom print all of their food packaging.

Build brand recognition

“It was especially important for us to put our logo on the items,” explains Peña, “because we were trying to build our brand from scratch. We didn’t want generic items. Instead, we wanted our products to carry our logo.” And it’s clearly having a positive impact on the business.

“We definitely see people come in because they saw our logo. They tell us, ‘Your stuff is all over our break room, so I had to come see what the craze is all about!’ We have seen immediate, direct impact from the printed packaging,” says Peña. “If the logo wasn’t there, people wouldn’t know where to find us.”

Maintain a common theme

Part of the business strategy was to keep things consistent too. Peña explains that the logo needed to be on everything, even the paper. “People take our food and walk around the mall, or post pictures on social media.” And the social media has been a huge push for Mini Delights.

“Customers will post that they finally found a place that has mini churros and mini donuts. Often people tell us that they haven’t had these things since they were kids, eating them at the fair.” Peña says that Mini Delights is the only place in San Antonio to carry these items. “And if customers were posting pictures of the items in a nondescript bag, it wouldn’t help. People don’t always link back to you, so putting our logo on the packaging is the best way to go.”

Put your logo on everything

Are customers posting pictures of your food? Then it’s time to start thinking about putting your logo on the packaging. Give our experts a call at 888-321-2248 to learn more about how you can boost business and increase brand recognition.


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