Tamper-Evident Takeout Packaging is Here to Stay

By: Mya Koch
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Just about three years ago now, we all were plunged headlong into the life-changing effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. This horrible disease altered the way we do everything – including getting food from our favorite eateries and coffee shops.

Suddenly, takeout was king. It was the only way to get our restaurant meals. But there was a lack of peace of mind with that, too. So a means of protecting our foods became queen. We had to safeguard our gourmet goodies not only from the elements and Coronavirus, but also pilfering delivery drivers.

Tamper-evident takeout packaging became a way of life and has not gone away since. The fact is, tamper-evident and tamper-proof packaging is not going anywhere. We all rely upon it now.

stats surrounding food deliveryStats around the need for tamper-evident takeout packaging

“Circuit,” a route optimization software for delivery drivers, surveyed both drivers and customers — and some of what they found was shocking.

  • A survey of 1,066 American food delivery customers, published April 25 of this year, found that 54% of Americans have on occasion suspected their delivery driver consumed parts of their food or beverage prior to delivery.
  • A survey of delivery drivers, published April 20, showed that a whopping 79% of drivers admitted to eating customers’ foods.
  • And a US Foods Delivery Study from 2019 showed 85% of respondents answered “Yes” to whether they wanted restaurants to use tamper-evident labels to address delivery drivers eating their food.

Just last week, a DoorDash customer posted a now-viral video on TikTok about how his driver only delivered just the remaining bones of a WingStop order, along with an empty fry tray and note apologizing because he was “broke and hungry.” The New York Post – along with a plethora of other sites – covered the story. You can check it out here.

food delivery safetyHow we eat, how we order revealed some interesting numbers when it comes to our eating habits, too, with its article just back on May 5th, 2022:

  • Americans use on average at least 5 food delivery services a month.
  • 45% stated they have become dependent on food delivery for themselves or members of their households.
  • Four in 10 Americans are ordering food for delivery at least once a month.
  • More than one in 10, or 13%, order delivery meals an astounding two to six times a week.
  • And oddly enough, survey results show that 60% of U.S. consumers spend more money now on food delivery every month than they did at the height of the pandemic.

With all of those burgers, baked goods, pizzas and pastrami sandwiches going out the door, knowing they’re safe should be a top priority.

Tamper-evident takeout vs. tamper proof

No disposable packaging can ever truly be tamper “proof.” After all, those bags and boxes are made of plastic and paper. Tamper proof items are nearly impossible to get into.

Tamper evident, however, may not keep someone’s fingers out of your fries, but it will show you that they’ve been there. Think tear-away strips on plastic deli containers, tamper-evident labels and boxes that seal when they’re packaged but show when they are compromised.

Tamper-evident takeout packaging also prevents “crimes of opportunity”, where someone might pilfer some food if it’s right there and easy to get to – but would think twice when there’s an obstacle stopping them.

food delivery processWe’ve got your peace-of-mind packaging


Seal 2 Go bags come in both plastic and paper and can be customized with your brand or logo for safety and style.

These bags have an adhesive strip at the top that allows the preparer to seal in food for delivery. This creates a tear-away top so that the bag cannot be re-opened without creating noticeable evidence of tampering.

Take a look at our video about how these awesome bags work.

Deliver Safe bags are another great choice. These clear bags in two different sizes end the worry about delivery drivers jeopardizing your good name.

They are a clear frosted poly bag with a permanent closure adhesive strip at the top. They’re printed with a bold “Deliver Safe” design and “Tamper-Resistant Delivery Bag” on the front, all while providing a sophisticated look and ease of filling, thanks to their flexible bottom gusset.

In addition, they’re fully customizable and made of a thicker plastic that will handle your heavier dishes.


Tamper-evident takeout boxes are the perfect option for packing up your customers’ lunches, leftovers and more.

They have a “lock” that won’t keep a hungry driver out of your box, but will make it abundantly clear if someone attempted to open it. This, in itself, keeps roaming fingers at bay.

Vented to keep items crisp and some with a window option, they are large enough to accommodate a variety of complete meals, and made of hefty 16-point paperboard.

Not only are they easy to use and store, they also look amazing branded with your restaurant’s logo. Take a look at our tamper-evident lunch boxes here.

BioPak Protect tamper-evident takeout boxes feature an adhesive seal, tear-away tab and viewing window for confirming contents. On the end of the top flap of the box, there’s an adhesive seal with a covering that reads “To Expose Adhesive, Remove Liner.” This allows a fold over the box that sticks securely once pressed. It will not come off without damaging the paper on the front of the box.

With their single-piece construction and sturdy shape, there is no assembly required. They’re grease-resistant, leak resistant and contain no fluorine-based chemicals. They hold in heat, release steam and discourage anyone from reaching in for a bite. Something to keep in mind, though, is that they are not intended to go into the microwave.

 Take a closer look at all these boxes have to offer at


With dozens of shapes and styles – from round to rectangular to square and large to small – these clear hinged plastic containers are both tamper resistant and tamper evident.

Great for pre-packed retail food items or takeout containers, they are leak resistant, stackable clamshells that showcase products while assuring that the contents inside have not been contaminated.

They’re simple to use and economical, featuring a tear strip to get inside that is proof positive of any tampering. See all of them right here.

tamper evident labels with perforationsTurn regular packaging into tamper-evident takeout packaging

If you already have a nice cache of boxes or bags, but you’re still concerned about how to keep your food safe, we can offer ways to make it easy for you.

  • A simple sticker or label is the perfect solution. And best of all, we can help you to customize them with your brand or logo. Once applied to a box or bag, there will be clear evidence if they’ve been torn to get inside. See our custom label options. Some labels can even feature an open area for writing your own information, allowing for easier order sorting and delivering.
  • Delivery seals are available in several colors, or we can help you to customize them. They cannot be peeled off without obvious signs of tampering.

We know how important your customers’ food safety is to you. After all, your reputation is at stake. Tamper-evident takeout packaging may have been something restaurants didn’t prioritize until a few years ago, but now it’s of the utmost importance. And knowing that there are the products at and elsewhere to calm that worry is just one less thing to have on your plate.

Mya L Koch is a Sales Order Specialist for who has vast experience as a journalist, writer and editor for publications such as The Wilmington Star-News and Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where she managed staffs of young writers and photographers and helmed daily, monthly and annual publications seen throughout the region. Her writings have been published in magazines, newspapers and most recently in a hard-cover book for the national Bring Music Home initiative. She has extensive experience as an editor, manager and in retail sales. She welcomes your ideas and suggestions for her blog post as part of the BABCOR Packaging / team.

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