4 Tips to Liven Up Your Custom Takeout Containers

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Custom Takeout Containers and food storage containers may be convenient for both employees and customers, but have you ever thought about how they can help you advertise and build your brand? When customers take their to-go containers home or see your food storage containers, they will think of your brand and be more likely to revisit your restaurant. Their coworkers, friends and family members may also see these containers and become interested in visiting your restaurant. With so much marketing potential, you can’t afford for your to-go containers to be boring and plain. You need to liven them up in a way that will make your food service more attractive and appealing.


What catches your eye first, a plain white or clear container or one that is bright and colorful? Are you more likely to remember the name of the one restaurant that gave out the colorful containers, or one of the many restaurants that gave out the same boring white one? Color can make a big difference in how your food service packaging gets noticed, and if you can find a way to add color to your to-go containers, you may just get the attention of more customers.


The best way to advertise your restaurant or food service company is with your logo. You can add your logo to a variety of merchandise, so why not add it to your food storage containers as well? People who notice someone eating food from a carryout container may be hesitant to ask where the food is from, but if you logo is already on the container, they will instantly know where to go to try the food they want to taste.


When you were a kid, you used stickers to liven up your papers, folders and walls. Why not use them to make your food containers more attractive? You can create custom stickers with the name of your company or a logo, or you can just use any random sticker to make the packaging more fun and memorable. This is a particularly good idea if your food service business has a lot of young customers or parents who want to get their children excited about trying different foods.

Notes and Messages

Nothing makes a customer remember a place more than being treated well and appreciated. Making your customers feel special or significant is a great way to earn repeat visitors. When you pack up your customers’ food, consider writing a nice or funny message on the to-go container. Not only will it make it a  more memorable experience for the customer, but it will make them more likely to talk about your restaurant with friends and family members too.

By making some simple changes to your custom food packaging and to-go containers, you can make your food service company or restaurant much more memorable for customers. When customers remember your brand or think of your company, they are likely to talk about it and give you free advertisement. Why settle for dull, boring food storage when you can liven it up with just a little effort?

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