Custom Drink Coasters & Logo Coasters

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Custom Drink Coasters & Logo Coasters
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    What do I need to know about getting my logo on coasters?

    • It's a great place to start with your branding
    • When your brand logo and company name are imprinted on high-quality premium coasters, it becomes an instant carrier of your message.
    • Authentic pulpboard coasters in a variety of thicknesses
    • Don't be fooled by cheap paper imitations
    • Available in 3.5" or 4" circle, square, or custom shapes
    • Full color printing on both sides


    • Minimum order: 1 - 4 colors: 2,000 custom drink coasters
    • Approximate lead time: 14 business days after approval of proofs
    • Artwork/Plate Charges: Final artwork on the custom product labels must be supplied in vector format by customer
    • Proofs:: Yes, charges may apply - Please Call
    • Ink Charges: Yes - Please Call

    What makes custom drink coasters a great first step into branding?

    For those who come to us when they are just starting to explore the world of branded packaging, we often recommend coasters. They're a great first step, for many reasons. They take up very little storage space, can often be reused several times, and add a lot of perceived value without adding a lot to your bottom line.

    vafflehus beer coaster


    For starters, they have a very low price point. Consider for one moment the cost of a drink at your business. Whether it's a traditional bar or a coffee bar, or even an ice cream shop - there is an average cost per transaction. Adding just a few cents to that cost will, in turn, add enormous perceived value for your customer.

    low cost coasters

    Low minimums

    All you need is a commitment to 2,000 units and branded drink coasters could be yours! Of course, your cost per piece will go down as your quantity goes up with our wholesale pricing. The easiest way to find out what it would cost to have your design printed onto a coaster is to speak with one of our Packaging Advisors.

    low coaster order minimums

    Array of styles (die cut, i.e.)

    You're not limited to simply printing on round drink coasters. Not that there's anything wrong with the traditional round ones, or even the square coasters with the rounded edges. Those are classics. But we also offer the option to have coasters made to a custom shape. This allows the coasters to perfectly reflect the image of your bar. So if you need, say, a coaster in the shape of a sugar skull for your Mexican restaurant, we can make that happen. Or maybe it's a car shape or even a coffee cup shape that best suits your business. Whatever the shape, we can make it happen.

    different coaster shapes

    Ability to run multiple designs

    Have more than one message to share? Not a problem. We can switch out the artwork so you have two different coasters (or three or four!) all as part of one order. Ask a Packaging Advisor how we can make this happen for you.

    multiple coaster designs

    Quick turnaround time

    As a business owner or manager, we know you have a million things to juggle. You shouldn't be waiting around for something as basic but necessary as coasters. We can get these to you in a hurry. It only takes about 14 business days from the time final artwork is approved.

    quick coaster turnaround time

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    Art File

    • We will need a high-res or vectorized version of your business logo that you wish to have printed. If you don't have one, just let us know and we'll help you with this.

    Standard message and data rates may apply.

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