Custom Napkins / Logo Napkins

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Custom Napkins / Logo Napkins
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    More about Custom Napkins

    • Custom Printed Napkins are available in a variety of sizes including:
      • Beverage with a 1/4 fold (10 x 10 unfolded)
      • Luncheon with a 1/4 fold (13 x 13 unfolded)
      • Dinner size in a wide variety of fold options (15 x 17 or 17 x 17 unfolded)
      • Guest Towels (8 x 17 folded in 1/4, or 10 x 17 folded in 1/6, or 12 x 17 folded in 1/6 - in white faux linen paper only)
    • High quality white paper napkins available as 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply, or in faux linen (paper)
    • The paper napkins are also available in black, Kraft and ivory color paper napkins in limited print options, sizes and ply.
    • White, Kraft and ivory napkins can be printed in 1 to 4 colors.
    • Minimum Order quantity is 15,000 (Note: there's a big cost drop-off at 30,000 quantity)
    • Allow three or four weeks after final proof approval for production

    Multiple Sizes and Colors Available for Logo Napkins

    Just like any other food packaging, there are different napkins needed for different jobs. Thankfully, they come in a variety of sizes to choose from, each of which has its own unique application. Making sure you have the right napkin for the job makes such a difference for your total spend, and it truly improves the customer experience. You wouldn't hand a small, lightweight beverage napkin to someone eating saucy wings.

    There are also options when it comes to the color of the napkin, and the color of the logo being printed on the napkin. Speak to one of our Packaging Advisors today to see what options will work best for you and your business.

    colors of napkins

    High Quality Material

    Much like choosing the right size napkin, it's also important to choose the right ply. There are 1-ply, 2-ply, and 3-ply options available. We even carry a faux linen paper napkin, which is great for high end restaurants and caterers. Guest towels are another great way to add a level of sophistication.

    high quality napkins

    Branded Beverage Napkins

    These are your standard, custom cocktail napkins. They're classic, and there's a reason you see them everywhere - they do the job without breaking the bank! Beverage napkins are ideal for restaurants and bars, coffee shops, and even concession stands and food trucks. They're small but they're mighty, and they pack a real punch when you have your logo printed onto them.

    napkin with logo

    Luncheon and Dinner Napkins with Your Logo

    The workhorse of the napkin family would be both the lunch and the dinner napkins. Their sizes vary slightly, but they can be used almost interchangeably, and with any meal. Lunch napkins are typically made into a 1/4 fold and measure 13 x 13" when unfolded. The dinner napkins have more fold options and may be either 15 x 17" or 17 x 17" when unfolded. Both are great go-to options for fast casual restaurants, take-out or dine-in places, and family restaurants. When the napkins are branded, your business message - and look - gets tons of attention. Just consider how many paper napkins your restaurant or café goes through. If each one of those napkins had your logo on it, your marketing dollars would be working overtime while supplying a necessity.

    dinner napkins with logo

    Guest Towel Napkins

    These are the ultra-luxe, high-end napkins that are made from paper but feel just about as plush as a soft terry cloth hand towel. They come in either a 1/4 or a 1/6 fold, and measure 8 x 17", 10 x 17", or 12 x 17" depending on the variety. We've worked with clients who brand them with their logo, and then use them at the dinner table at a fine-dining restaurant. We have other clients who use them in the restaurant in place of paper towels or hand dryers. These are without a doubt a step up, but they are sure to set your business apart and add to the overall perceived value.

    burlap guest towel napkins

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