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Custom Food Labels \ Tamper Evident Labels

    Custom Food Labels \ Tamper Evident Labels

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    Do you Need Custom Tamper Evident Labels?

    According to a 2019 Study by US Foods, 25% (1 in 4) delivery drivers admitted to taking food from the takeout order they were transporting. The study also revealed that 85% of customers would like restaurants to use tamper evident labels in their delivery packaging to help prevent "sampling." We created our own design of tamper evident labels or "delivery seals" - but we can just as easily create one with your branding, logo, message etc. With food delivery, and curbside delivery / takeout becoming more and more prevalent, it's also becoming more and more important to secure your food on its way to your customer - and as the US Foods study shows, the customers are largely in favor of more secure delivery.

    Other statistics of notes from that same study

    • 54% of drivers are tempted by the smell of the food
    • 21% of customers suspected the delivery driver of taking food
    • When asked how upset they would be if the driver took a few fries from their delivery on a scale of 1 to 10: respondents reported 8.4 / 10 (10 being absolutely unacceptable)

    Thinking about custom branded labels for your food packaging?

    Below, we'll discuss some of the particulars related to getting customized labels for your business. The purpose, artwork, size, and shape are all important considerations for your product labels.

    What Is The Custom Label's Purpose

    Custom labels are an extremely versatile product, and can be used for a wide range of purposes. One option is to get specific products custom printed. This requires a large investment and a more complicated setup. An easier route is to print labels, which you can then use on any packaging you see fit. For example, if you have a coffee shop with lots of different roasts that can change seasonally, it wouldn't make sense to get the roast style printed on a set amount of bags. Rather, you get a single type of bag and different labels, which allows you to apply them as needed, with a much lower investment and more flexibility.

    Product labels are also valuable for noting particularly ingredients or allergens. They can also mention important promotion or brand information. Customized labels elevate the perceived value of your products, increasing the likelihood that someone will purchase. Plus, the label means your brand will get repated impressions in their home or wherever they're bringing your products or takeout food. So, these labels aren’t only a functional product, they're a part of your marketing strategy. Our custom labels are adhesive like as sticker.

    Custom Food Label Uses

    The great thing about custom labels is that you can apply them to a variety of containers of food packaging. The same labels could be used on take out containers, boxes, bags, and more. Our custom food labels are frequently used on bottles for sauces, drinks, and more. They can also be used for your internal operations to identify ingredients and more.

    Custom Product Label Artwork & Design

    Aside from your logo and color themes, you might also consider using the artwork to add functionality to your labels. You could use them in the back of house to quickly and easily identify ingredients or to identify orders, you can include your menu on the label for easy identification, you could include room for names in the case of takeout, you can include social media profiles to help promote your Facebook or Instagram pages.

    Wondering, "how do I design a product label?" For the fastest and best service, please have your artwork available in a scalable, vector format. That's usually a .ai, .eps, or .pdf file. Your designer should be able to provide you with this, and if not, we can help with getting your logo into the correct format. Our team is dedicated to making the process as smooth and easy for you as possible while finding the best option for serving your customers.

    Shape & Size

    There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes you can select for your labels. We have a range of custom label sizes available. Ideally, you want the right size and shape to match your purpose. If it's just to close a takeout container, then maybe you only need a small simple label with your logo. If your logo is for product information, you probably want a larger label that can fit easy-to-read print on it. We can help you find the perfect size and template for your product.

    Printing Options:

    • Type of Printing: Flexographic, Hot Stamp
    • Number of Colors: Flexo: Up to 6 Colors
    • Color / Ink Choices: Standard Ink, Pantone Colors, & Custom Ink Matching available.
    • Printing Guidelines Available: Vary by product and printing type, so please call


    • Minimum order: 1 - 3 colors: 2,000 custom food labels
      4+ colors: 5,000 labels
    • Approximate lead time: 7 business days for brand new orders
      5 business days for repeat orders
    • Artwork/Plate Charges: Final artwork on the custom product labels must be supplied in Illustrator vector format by customer (.ai, .eps, .pdf etc) (We do not provide creative services, but can help with formatting)
    • Proofs:: Yes, charges may apply - Please Call
    • Ink Charges: Yes - Please Call
    • Over/Underruns: Usually around 8% - 10% on initial quote


    • Minimum order:1 - 3 colors: 2,000 custom food labels
      4+ colors: 5,000 labels
    • Approximate lead time: 7 business days for new orders
      5 business days for repeat orders
    • Artwork/Plate Charges: Final artwork on the custom product labels must be supplied in Illustrator vector format by customer. (We do not provide creative services)
    • Proofs charges: Yes - Please Call
    • Ink Charges: Yes - Please Call
    • Over/Underruns: Usually 10% on quote