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Bowls & Plastic Containers with Lids

These days, plastic food containers with lids come in a huge range of styles, materials, colors, and shapes. Different applications require a different type of container. You'd never put soup into a sushi container, right? And prepared salads won't work in dessert cups. Because of this, we continue to expand our selection of takeout containers to accommodate every situation.

Clear Tamper Resistant, Tamper Evident Plastic Clamshell Container

Clear Plastic Clamshell containers with a tamper evident, tamper resistant tear tab on hinge to secure contents.

Round Plastic Serving Bowls

PET serving bowls in a wide variety of sizes - from small to very large - available in 3 colors.

Compostable Clear Plastic Deli Containers

Clear hinged deli containers that look similar to common plastic clamshells - but are actually compostable and more eco friendly.

Square Plastic Bowls

Available in 3 colors and many sizes, these PET bowls stack on to of each other, and seal tight for easy and safe transport, ideal as catering bowls or takeout bowls.

Microwavable Plastic Food Containers

Our most innovative plastic food container comes in various sizes and shapes including round, square, and rectangular shaped containers with lids.

Orange Meal Prep Containers / Plastic Takeout Containers

We offer several different color options for our takeout containers, including orange! Available in three sizes.

Red Meal Prep / Takeout Containers

Red, high quality meal prep and takeout containers come in 3 sizes. Lids included in each case.

Lime Green Meal Prep / Takeout Containers

We offer several different color options for our takeout containers, including lime green! Available in three sizes.

Round Deli Containers

Our newest line of round plastic containers is our Microwaveable Newspring DeliTainer®! A versatile container available in 3 sizes!

Rectangular Clear Deli Containers

These rectangular deli containers will keep your food fresh with the leak proof seal feature! Browse our selection and see what size fits your needs!

Clear Plastic Bowls & Lids for Take-out

Try one of these versatile, reversible clear bowl and lid food containers, sizes include: 8/12 oz bowl with matching lid, 16 oz bowl with matching lid, 24/32 oz bowl with matching lid, and 48/64 oz bowl with matching lid.

Compostable Food Containers

This food container line is the ideal purchase for any business looking to go green or update their kitchens with the latest innovation in food service packaging. Available in three sizes and one-for-all matching lid. There's no need to feel guilty when you throw these away!

Plastic Condiment Portion Cups

These plastic condiment portion cups are the ideal packaging for sauces, small sides and condiments. We stock 2, 3, 4, and 5.5 ounce sizes with matching lids.

Clear Plastic Clamshell Containers

Recyclable Hinged Plastic Containers that are perfect for take out and to go packaging needs.

Dessert Dishes & Pedestal Cups

Show off your enticing desserts with one of our dessert dishes, available in several styles and sizes!

Sabert Plastic Serving Bowls

We offer three convenient sizes in our Sabert Serving Bowls to accommodate your business's needs, sizes including 32 oz., 48 oz., 64 oz. Square Bowls, and one size lid to fit all as well as various round bowls and lids.

WNA Caterline PET Serving Bowls

Choose from one of our many sizes of our Pack N' Serve PET Bowls, including large serving bowls, for all your on-the-go needs, styles and sizes including Shallow PET Bowls (24 & 32 oz.), Deep PET Bowls (48, 80, 160, 320 oz.), and Matching Lids Available.

SabertMicrowavable Plastic To Go Containers

Your customers will surely be impressed when you present them with one of our Sabertmicrowavable containers! These containers come in several sizes and are now available with lids!

Compostable Bento Boxes / Sushi Trays

Our compostable sushi trays come in a wide range of sizes. Browse our selection to see which ones work for your business needs.