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Cups & Glasses

Spice up any event with our vast selection of disposable plastic glasses and cups. We offer disposable martini glasses, wine glasses, sampling cups, and cold beverage cups. Whatever the occasion may be, we have exactly what you need to impress your guests.

Compostable PLA Clear Cold Drink Cups

Our Compostable Cold Cups are the perfect addition for your business. With our large selection of sizes, including: 9 oz. cup, 12 oz. cup, 16 oz. cup, 20 oz. cup, and 24 oz. cup, there's sure to be a cup perfect for your iced coffee or drinks.

Plastic Martini Glasses

Our disposable, yet refined martini glasses are the perfect touch for all events. Sizes include: 2 oz. Petite Martini Glass and 6 oz. Martini Glass

Wine Glasses

Add some class to your party or event by serving your wine in our clear disposable glasses! Ideal for any special occasion.

Dart Conex Classic Clear Plastic Cups

Classic clear disposable plastic cups are your basic party cups, made with flexible yet crack-resistant PET.

Wholesale Strawless Cold Cup Lids

Strawless lids help to reduce the amount of disposable material generated by your takeout process. Instead of a lid, plus a straw, plus a possible straw wrapper - there's only one piece.

Fineline Clear Plastic Cold Cups

Clear and crack-resistant PET cups and lids that can help display your products.