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Cutlery / Serving Utensils

Because it's not socially acceptable to always eat with your hands... we have the perfect type and style of disposable cutlery and serving utensils to meet your every desire and need. Don't be shy... explore our silver-look disposable cutlery, compostable cutlery, heavy-weight cutlery, petite and serving utensils, and disposable silverware sets.

Disposable Ice Cream Spoons

Plastic disposable spoons perfectly suited for ice cream and frozen desserts. Available in white, assorted colors and even a fun color changing option.

Biodegradable and Compostable Cutlery

Select from three of our 100% biodegradable compostable, disposable forks, knives, spoons, and sets. Available wrapped or without packaging.

Black Heavy-weight Cutlery

Check out our selection of plastic poly wrapped cutlery! Perfect for catering events!

Cutlery Kits

Pick and choose from our wide array of cutlery kits, styles including Reflections Extra-Heavy Weight Silver Cutlery Kits and the Black Poly Wrapped Cutlery Kits. Cutler Kits include a Fork, Knife, Spoon, Salt, Pepper, and Linen-like Napkin.

Petite Forks & Spoons

We offer a selection of disposable petite forks and spoons to suit your smaller-scale catering needs. With four colors and multiple styles to choose from, these items will surely add some style to your catering event.

Serving Utensils

With various styles, sizes, and colors, choose from our huge selection of Serving Utensils, styles including Sabert Heavy-Duty Black Serving Ware, and Reflections Extra-Heavy Weight Silver Serving ware.

Silver Look Cutlery

Our line of Reflections Silver look cutlery will surely brighten up any event or business! Available in various styles.

Reflections Duet Disposable Cutlery

Looking for class and sophistication with a modern touch in your cutlery? Look no further than our new WNA Duet Reflections Cutlery.

Paper Napkin Rolls

Add some class to your catering event with our Hoffmaster linen-like cutlery sets! Available in three unique styles.