Custom Paper Coffee Bags / Tin Tie Bags

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Custom Paper Coffee Bags / Tin Tie Bags
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    Wholesale Custom Coffee Bags & Custom Tin Tie Bags for Your Business

    Customized Coffee Bags (sometimes called Tin Tie Bags) are a type of foodservice packaging bag that generally features a reclosable top. Sometimes this is a plastic resealable zipper, but for most of our wholesale coffee bags, there is a small, malleable tie that's attached to the top of the bag that can be crimped around the edges to provide a seal once the top of the bag is rolled down a bit.

    Availble Custom Coffee Bag Types and Sizes

    • Coffee bags with valve
    • Block bottom coffee bags
    • Chalkboard Black Coffee Bags
    • Standard Kraft Coffee Bags
    • White, Gold, Red, and Green Gloss Coffee Bags
    • Coffee Bags with Windows
    • Recyclable/compostable/eco-friendly
    • 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 lb. sizes

    Production Process for Custom Coffee Bags & Tin Tie Bags

    Getting custom printed food packaging bags all starts with a phone call or filling out this lead form. Then, we'll work with you one-on-one to figure out the best possible product to fit your custom printing needs. We'll cover everything from colors, size, and product type to lead times, artwork and budget so that we can be absolutely sure you're getting a product that works well for you and your business. With so many options available, it's important to work with us to understand why we recommend one product over another, or why we might want to shy away from certain products.


    • Type of Printing: In-line Flexographic & Process printing available by quote.
    • Gusset Printing Available: Yes
    • Ink Choices: Can custom color match.
    • Screens: Yes.
    • Printing Guidelines Available: Yes (please call)


    • Minimum order: Custom Coffee Tin-Tie Bags: 10,000 minimum
    • Approximate lead time: 6-8 weeks after all approvals
    • Plate/Art Charges: Yes- at cost
    • Proofs charges Yes- at cost
    • Special Ink Upcharges: To custom color match- no. There are charges for fluorescent and metallic inks.
    • Over/Underruns: 25% for order of 5M to 10M, 10% for 25M to 50M, and 5% on orders of 100M or more.
    • Additional Charges: Please call

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