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PFAS Free Packaging for Food and Takeout

PFAS Free Grease Resistant Paper Sandwich Bags

Grease resistant paper bags that are primarily used for sandwiches, cookies, baked goods etc.

Bamboo Compostable Takeout Boxes with Windows

Commercially compostable takeout boxes with windows made from PLA plant-based plastic. BPA / PFAS Free.

EarthCoating Takeout Boxes

Our newest line of sustainably produced kraft paper takeout boxes. BPA / PFAS free, and made in USA.

PFAS Free Kraft Grease Resistant Food Tissue

Foodservice tissue paper that is made explicitly without the addition of PFAS chemicals.

Bio-Plus TERRA Compostable Take Out Boxes

Bio-Plus TERRA made of 100% recycled paperboard (90% post-consumer content) and is fully compostable. Choose from 5 sizes.