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Soup Containers

Whether you're looking for a classic white paper soup cup, a stylized version, or a clear plastic container, we've got your soup container needs covered. MrTakeOutBags carries many different soup container options so that you can be sure you’re getting the best soup container for your needs.

Kraft Paper Soup Containers

Eco-Friendly Disposable Kraft Paper food containers with LIDS INCLUDED that can be used as a soup container or ice cream container. Available in 4 sizes.

Insulated Paper Ripple Soup Cups

Featuring Ripple Wrap, these insulated disposable soup cups have a corrugated 'rippled' wrap that provides increased insulation and hand comfort.

White Paper Soup Cups

Solid and Sturdy White Paper Food Containers that are ideal for soup and ice-cream. Leak Resistant vented lids included.

Compostable Soup Containers

We offer these eco-friendly soup container in various sizes! Perfect for any food business!

Paper Soup Cups & Lids

Keep your food hot and secure with a variety of durable paper soup containers, including White Coated, Planet+ Compostable, and the distinct "Street Side" design.

Plastic Soup Containers

Looking for a durable, leak proof container for all your hot soups? Try our Plastic Soup Containers. Available in 4 popular sizes!

Bulk Soup Containers

Use these large paper soup containers to keep your soups hot and safe during transportation.

Compostable Soup Bowls with Lids

Compostable soup bowls that are sustainably produced using a material called "bagasse" which is a sugar cane byproduct.

Takeout Ramen Soup Bowls

Round, textured soup bowls with lids - perfect for Ramen, Pho or other soups