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Disposable Trays / Platters

Wow your guests with one of our top-quality disposable tray platters. Our line-up of disposable trays, platters, and lids includes a lot of unique shapes, sizes, and styles. Perfect for catering events, parties, and food service businesses, these trays offer practical solutions for serving a variety of dishes. Made from durable materials, our disposable trays are great for presenting appetizers, entrees, desserts, and more. Whether you're hosting a large gathering or need a convenient option for takeaway meals, has disposable food trays and platters for every occasion. Explore our selection today.

Compostable Takeout Trays

Eco Friendly, compostable takeout trays, some with compartments and matching lids.

Red Plaid Paper Food Trays

Disposable paper food trays with a classic red and white plaid design. A classic staple for concession stands.

Disposable Wood Food Trays

Disposable wooden food trays featuring lids (sold separately) and kit option - in a variety of shapes and sizes..

Brown Kraft Paper Food Trays

Perfect for food trucks of many varieties, these natural brown kraft paper food trays work great as hot dog trays or fry trays.

Wholesale Paper Food Trays

Whether at a picnic or county fair, these disposable paper food trays are an ideal way to serve hot dogs, tater tots, or other snacks.

SOLUT! Catering Trays

Our selection of SOLUT! catering trays are perfect for any catering event. Choose between our natural kraft and glossy black color options!

Catering Trays & Catering Trays with Lids

We offer these disposable catering trays that are made for secure travel and easy cleaning. Available sizes include: Small Catering Trays, Large Catering Trays, Extra Large Catering Trays.

Catering Squares

Catering squares are a perfect way to keep your food fresh while impressing your customers with an appealing display! Available in 16 and 18 in. sizes.

Black Plastic Catering Trays with Lids

Black plastic catering trays, optional clear lids. Perfect for events, parties and picnics. Square / round options, some with different lid heights.

ConServe Black Platter Trays

The perfect serving tray line that is suitable for any type of event, with the ability to hold all your different creations. Trays are stackable for secure transportation in addition to many more amenities.

SabertServing Trays

Looking for a unique approach to your food presentation? If so, then you'll definitely want to check out our selection of Sabertserving trays!

Compostable Oval Platters

There's no better way to go green with your catering supplies than with our compostable oval platters! Check out our selection to see exactly what fits your needs.