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From elegant black plastic to heavy-duty, corrugated paper plates, we have the perfect set of wholesale disposable plates that best fits your event or business. We offer a variety of wholesale disposable plates from various sizes, to colors, to green-friendly options, including our new Sugar Cane Fiber Plates! Browse our full selection of disposable plates at wholesale prices by choosing a category below!

Compostable Plates

Eco Friendly Compostable plates are a way to help the environment and promote a "Green" brand.

Dinnerware Wholesale - Single Use

Our Milan square black plate line adds a touch of sophistication to single-use dinnerware, plate uses with sizes including Dessert plate, Salad plate, Lunch plate, Dinner plate.

Heavyweight Paper Plates in Bulk

Choose from a great selection of disposable paper plates, from heavy-duty corrugated plates to plates made from Sugar Cane fibers. Many sizes, colors, and styles available.

EcoSource Plates

EcoSource plates are produced with recycled Sugar Cane fibers and are sturdy, yet fully compostable and recyclable. A great "green" option for disposable plates.