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Plastic Bags for Takeout & Carryout

Plastic bags are so much more than the standard t-shirt bag you get from the grocery. Today there is a plastic bag for almost every need. There are plastic bags with cardboard inserts to help create a flat, sturdy bottom for transporting large catering orders. And there are plastic bags made from compostable material for eco-friendly customers. There are plastic bags made in an array of colors; with punched-out die-cut handles. And yes, there are even those standard grocery store t-shirt plastic bags in a slew of sizes and colors. And the best part? They can all be custom printed with your logo.

Beverage Carryout Bags

Distinctive wave shape for carrying cups and beverage containers. Handle design permits one-handed carrying, while square bottom is perfect for carrying drinks.

Seal 2 Go Tamper Evident Takeout Bags

Need to ensure the safety and security of your food when sending it out for delivery? Seal 2 Go bags are your solution. Paper bag and plastic bag options.

Deliver Safe - Tamper Resistant Bags

Deliver Safe bags feature a permanent colsure with an adehsive strip that secure the contents of the bag for takeout or delivery.

Seal 2 Go Drink Carriers

Make sure your delivery beverages arrive safe and sound with these tamper evident takeout drink carriers.

Wave Carryout Bags with Handles

Select from our wide array of Wave Style Bags including Beverage Carryout Bags, Colorful Super Frost Wave Bags, and Super Wave Carryout Bags.

Biodegradable Plastic Carryout Bags

Our latest innovative carryout bag is ideal for all size take out orders, beverage bags, and much more. Try our latest eco-friendly product!

Clear Carry Out Bags / Clear Cupcake Bags

Our clear cupcake takeout bags make transporting baked goods an effortless task. With various sizes to choose from, these durable bags are perfect for any sized takeout order!

Frosted Tin Tie Bags

We offer two sizes of frosted tin tie bags - and options with or without chipboard bottom inserts for added structure and rigidity.

Frosted SOS Bags

High density polyethylene plastic lunch bags with a frosted, translucent appearance. Bags include a chipboard bottom to help the bag stand up for shelf display.

Clear Plastic Food Bags

Shop our FDA approved Clear Cello Food bags in a wide range of sizes including flat or gusseted styles.

Plastic Takeout Bags with Handles

Choose from multiple styles of plastic shopping bags including die cut handle, rigid handle, or soft loop handle bags in a variety of sizes. We also stock recycled plastic shopping bags.

Recyclable Plastic CarryOut Bags

Choose from a versatile selection of green-friendly take out bags, and impress your customers with the latest innovation in food packaging! Available in three styles and six sizes.

T-Shirt Bags

Access a variety of options when shopping for your T-Shirt Take Out Bags, including Recyclable T-Shirt Bags, White-Economy T-Shirt Bags, Printed "Thank-You" T-Shirt Bags, and Frosty Clear Large Party Tote Bags.

Grab & Go Carryout Bags

Economical carryout bags with die cut handles. Great for a take out sandwich, chips, and a drink.

Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Zipper Pouches are foodsafe resealable bags that can stand on their own due to a bottom gusset. Thicker plastic construction ensure an excellent barrier

Wicketed Bread Bags

Looking to add a little convenience to your deli or bakery? Our wicketed bread bags are designed to make loading and tearing more efficient, by allowing bags to be hung on a wire rack.

Heavy Duty Plastic Bags with Die Cut Handle

Plastic bags designed with takeout in mind made with thicker polypropylene to handle heavier loads. Features reinforced die cut handle.