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Cupcake Holder Box Inserts & Holders, Baking Cups, Liners & Wrappers

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Cups, ribbon, inserts, liners, we have them all. Check out our wide array of cupcake accessories and put your business miles ahead of the competition. Complete your set up by checking out our Cupcake Boxes.

Regular Cupcake Holder Inserts

Our regular-sized Cupcake Holder Inserts are a much needed addition to any bakery selling their cupcakes! Keep your creations safe and secure with these inserts!

Jumbo Cupcake Holder Inserts

Showcase your larger cupcakes with our jumbo sized inserts! Available in multiple sizing capacities!

Mini Cupcake Holder Inserts

These unique mini cupcake inserts are reversible in color and come in various sizes! Compatible boxes available!

Wholesale Cupcake Liners

We offer both lotus and tulip style cupcake liners in various colors and sizes. Add some style to your baking business with any one of these unique products!

Splendorette Curling Ribbon

Looking to give your packaging an eye-catching look? If so, our Splendorette Curling Ribbon is exactly what you need!

White Fluted Baking Cups

We offer a fantastic selection of white cupcake baking cups, available in all sizes!

Single Faced Satin Ribbon for Cupcake & Bakery Boxes

Our single-Faced Satin Ribbon is the ideal finishing touch to any bakery presentation! The smooth finish and radiant color options are sure to impress your customers!

Reversible Cupcake Wrappers

Give your cupcakes the unique look they need with our reversible polka dot cupcake wrappers! Available in three different color combinations.

Colored Fluted Paper Baking Cups

Make your cupcakes and other baked goods stand out with our colored fluted baking cups! Available in 3/4 and 2 oz. sizes.

Greaseproof Cupcake Liners

Browse our wonderful selection of upscale baking liners. Baking liners are available in four different colors, two sizes, and two styles!