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Wholesale Candy Boxes, Lids, Pads and Inserts

Our wholesale candy boxes are perfect for shops on a mission to satisfy every sweet tooth. The candy boxes come in two different styles:folding top boxes and the classic, two-part rigid boxes. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors. We also carry a wide range of inserts that vary in size and compartment style, as well as protective pads that go in between the insert/candies and the lid of the box. If you want to get a step ahead of your competitors, all of our wholesale candy boxes can be custom printed, making them truly stand out.

  • Chocolate box packaging have a customizable option
  • The two-part rigid candy boxes, lids , and inserts are all sold separately
  • Paper folding candy boxes are intended to be used without inserts

Paper Folding Candy Boxes

One-piece construction, folding paper candy boxes or truffle boxes, 1/2 and 1 lb. sizes, 8 colors.

Two-Part Rigid Candy Boxes

Rigid structure candy boxes or classic chocolate boxes with a lid. Multiple sizes and decorative colors available, as well as multiple insert types and candy pads

Candy Box Inserts

We offer candy box inserts in multiple sizes and styles to accommodate all candy types.

Candy Box Pads

We offer a variety of unique designs for our candy box pads, all of which are compatible with our rigid candy boxes.