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To-Go Plastic Eco-Friendly Takeout & Lunch Box Containers is your number-one source for a full range of food service takeout boxes, meal prep containers, and lunch box containers. They're great for meals on the go, takeout, and fast casual dining. Burger boxes, stackable handled boxes, and Chinese takeout containers are also available on our site in an array of sizes and designs. No matter how you package your food, you can be sure you're using the best-suited item for the task, and your customers will appreciate that.

Paperboard Catering Lunch Boxes with Window

Semi-Automatic (easy set-up) paperboard lunch boxes with window. Great for boxed lunches and catering events.

Paperboard Lunch Boxes

Our economical, yet effective paperboard lunch boxes are another great alternative for take out boxes, with various options at your finger tips.

Bio-Pak Take Out Boxes

Bio-Pak Boxes are the perfect green take out container for any food truck. Choose from six styles:

Stackable Handled Lunch Boxes

With eight different colors or styles you will find the perfect handled-lunch box that will suit more needs than you can even imagine!

Carry Out Boxes

Great for snacks, dinners, and meals our selection of Take out Boxes includes: fry boxes, lunch boxes, sushi boxes with windows and tamper evident lunch boxes.

Microwavable Plastic Food Containers

Our most innovative plastic food container comes in various sizes and shapes including round, square, and rectangular shaped containers with lids.

Handled Catering Boxes

Our most durable handled food carriers are available in brown kraft and white colors. Great for heavier food items that require stronger packaging.

Stackable Lunch Boxes

Our Stackable Lunch Box selection includes three types of boxes with various color and design options. Styles including: Paperboard, Handled Cardboard, and Heavy-duty Corrugated.

Wholesale Clamshell Food Boxes

Clamshell Paper Boxes are an economical take out box and are available in three styles and colors including:

Chinese Takeout Boxes

The classic Chinese take out box shape, these take out boxes are made using a single piece of paperboard that prevents leaks and is easily stackable with other chinese take out boxes.

Compostable Food Containers

This food container line is the ideal purchase for any business looking to go green or update their kitchens with the latest innovation in food service packaging. Available in three sizes and one-for-all matching lid. There's no need to feel guilty when you throw these away!

Plastic Condiment Portion Cups

These plastic condiment portion cups are the ideal packaging for sauces, small sides and condiments. We stock 2, 3, 4, and 5.5 ounce sizes with matching lids.

Round Deli Containers

Our newest line of round plastic containers is our Microwaveable Newspring DeliTainer®! A versatile container available in 3 sizes!

Microwavable SabertFastPac Food Storage Containers

Show off your food presentation with these attractive and easy to use FastPac storage containers. These microwavable products now come with lids and are available in a variety of sizes!

Cutlery Kits

Pick and choose from our wide array of cutlery kits, styles including Reflections Extra-Heavy Weight Silver Cutlery Kits and the Black Poly Wrapped Cutlery Kits. Cutler Kits include a Fork, Knife, Spoon, Salt, Pepper, and Linen-like Napkin.

Silver Look Cutlery

Our line of Reflections Silver look cutlery will surely brighten up any event or business! Available in various styles.

Paper Napkin Rolls

Add some class to your catering event with our Hoffmaster linen-like cutlery sets! Available in three unique styles.

Black Heavy-weight Cutlery

Check out our selection of plastic poly wrapped cutlery! Perfect for catering events!

Biodegradable and Compostable Cutlery

Select from three of our 100% biodegradable compostable, disposable forks, knives, spoons, and sets. Available wrapped or without packaging.

Reflections Duet Disposable Cutlery

Looking for class and sophistication with a modern touch in your cutlery? Look no further than our new WNA Duet Reflections Cutlery.

Recycled Paper Napkins

Choose our most eco-friendly napkin, EarthWise 100% biodegradable dinner napkins available in Beverage Square Napkins- 10" x 10" and Dinner 1/8 Fold Napkin - 15" x 17"

Tork Natural Brown 100% Recycled Napkins

The Tork Universal XpressNap dispenser napkins are the ultimate single-ply napkins for any bakery, deli, or restaurant. Reduce consumption while being green friendly!

Linen Like Napkins

Impress your guests with the best quality of disposable napkins that come as close to linen cloth as possible. Flat-Fold Dinner Napkins, and 1/8 Fold Dinner Napkins.

Box Liner Tissue

There's no better way to add some style to your boxed meal presentation than with our box liner tissue. With so many styles to choose from, you'll be able to find exactly what you need to add the finishing touches to your creations!