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Clear Plastic Bowls & Lids for Take-out

Great for take out salads and desserts. These crystal clear plastic bowls with lids are some of our most practical and economical products. They can be used as plates with dome lids or as bowls with lids by simply inverting their position. They're great to use for salads, desserts, baked goods, and other confectionery products. These plastic bowls with lids are perfect for catered events.

  • Made from recyclable PET crystal clear plastic
  • Better oxygen barrier than OPS keeps food fresher longer
  • Bowls (or Domed Lids) and 3 sizes of bases or Lids for the Bowls
  • Reversible Containers are practical because one container and lid can be used two different ways: As a conventional Bowl with a Domed Lid, or as a plate with a Dome Lid
  • Great for salads, desserts, side dishes, and confectionery products
  • Stackable
  • These clear plastic bowls with lids are FDA approved for direct food contact
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