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Custom Takeout Boxes

    Custom Takeout Boxes

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    Types of Branded Takeout Boxes
    We offer a wide selection of types of takeout boxes that you can have branded with your logo. Take a look at some of the images above to see examples of carry out boxes. Our most popular types are the trapezoidal boxes that have the four inter-locking flap closure, but we also have a lot of customer who need takeout boxes with handles that work well for boxed lunches or lunch catering. Beyond those types, we offer gable boxes or "barn boxes", bagel boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, regular square boxes (both with center opening flaps and lids that cover the entire top of the box.) If you don't see exactly what you're looking for in the images above, just fill out the form to contact us and we'll help you find the right type of take out box to suit your personal needs.
    Custom Takeout Box Materials
    Generally, takeout boxes are made using some kind of paper material. You won't see many boxes made with plastic, for that you would need to be looking at takeout containers. Even though the materials may generally be some type of paper or paperboard material, there are still a range of considerations when choosing a box type:
    • Color: Depending on the colors of your logo and the style of your brand, you'll need to choose the right color for your custom boxes. We have the ability to go from a single color on a brown kraft box for a more natural look, or we can go full color, allover print for a striking carry out box that really catches the eye and fits your branding.

    • Storage: While all of our boxes are stackable, shipping and storage can change based on the box type. The glued corner, trapezoidal takeout boxes nest inside of each other, but the corners cannot be flat packed, making the shipping and storage boxes larger. Other types of takeout boxes may flat pack so they ship and store more easily, but also need to be popped open before use.

    • Compostability / Recyclability / Biodegradability / Eco-Friendliness: We can offer a range of eco-friendly options including different levels of recycled content, no grease proof liner, lower levels of virgin material (which has more of an environmental impact) etc. Some of these options change whether or a not a product can be composted or can biodegrade over time.

    • Venting: Moisture is the enemy of crispy, fried food. A fully closed takeout box will keep steam inside the box, turning once-crispy food into a soggy, unappetizing mess. Some of our options have built in vents, or even optional vents that are semi-perforated cut outs that you can push in to create vents, or not if they're not needed at that time.

    • Tamper Evidence: While the boxes themselves aren't tamper evident, Branded Labels can be used to cover the closure, helping to show any tampering of products during transit (especially important in the age of online delivery). We can help you choose a box that can work with your labels to provide this function.
    Folded Paper Takeout Boxes

    One of the most popular styles of takeout boxes is the folded paper takeout box. These boxes are constructed with a single piece of material - meaning they're naturally leak resistant. The corners are glued together to maintain the shape, but it does not rely on the glue for leak resistance. While we offer a few variations of these boxes - they all have the same general features:

    • Tapered trapezoidal shape allows for stacking of un-filled boxes, reducing storage space
    • Top-facing opening for easy loading of food
    • Vented options available for releasing steam and moisutre
    • Flat bottoms and tops allows for these boxes to be securely stacked in a takeout bag.
    • Wide variety of sizes to accomodate many types of foods
    • Options are avaiable for extra grease and cut resistant linings
    • While the exact style may vary, these boxes all feature some kind of locking tab to secure the closure
    • Paper construction means they are sourced using renewable resources and are disposable
    How We'll Help You Brand Your Takeout Boxes
    At, we're interested in working with you as a partner. We'll be like a part of your business, handling the sourcing of quality branded takeout boxes. Our reps will work with you, one on one, at a personal level in order to get to know you, your company, your brand, your products and will then be able to help you find the best takeout boxes for your particular business. You're the expert in your product, we'll make it sure the packaging lives up to the products inside.