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Cutlery / Serving Utensils

Individual utensils, cutlery kits, serving utensils, biodegradable and compostable options available.

Dessert Cups & Dishes

We offer both clear plastic dessert dishes and paper ice cream cups. Various sizes and shapes ensure that you can find the container just right for your business and your customers. The paper Ice Cream Cups also come in various designs and can be bought with lids that seal your goodies inside for extra security.


We have a wide array of options for paper napkins available! Check out our eco-friendly options!


Our plate selection spans from disposable plastic to eco-friendly paper and sugar cane fiber plates. Be sure to also check out the various sizes, perfect for everything from appetizers to dinners.

Cutlery Bags

Small bags that can be used to store a cutlery kit (silverware or disposable cutlery) but can also work for small, long, single serving baked goods.