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Bowls / Containers

Compostable Clear Plastic Deli Containers

Clear hinged deli containers that look similar to common plastic clamshells - but are actually compostable and more eco friendly.

Compostable Bowls with Lids

Compostable bowls that are made using sugarcane or bamboo fiber - lids for these products may not be compostable.

Wholesale Meal Prep Containers

Bulk meal prep containers are perfect for packaging prepared meals. Used for hot and cold foods, reusable, stackable, microwavable and more.

Bowls & Plastic Containers with Lids

Our selection of plastic containers and bowls includes options which are microwavable, freezer safe, and even eco-friendly. The wide variety of sizes and shapes allows you to find the perfect container for nearly any food-service application.

Wholesale Serving Bowls

Looking for a plastic serving bowl that still retains an upscale and impressive appearance? We have bowls that can fit all of your food creations. Find a durable container here that is perfect for your food, whether it is hot, cold, or even messy.

Soup Containers

Find containers for soup and food trays here. Our soup containers range from compostable paper to plastic, and we have several food tray options which are green-friendly while maintaining sturdiness and appeal.

Disposable Trays / Platters

Check out our disposable trays and platters for all of your catering needs. Choose from corrugated cardboard options or plastic trays with clear lids that show off your delicious food. We even offer a compostable platter to allow you to "go green" with your catering events.

Disposable Oval Bowls / Burrito Bowls

Compostable Oval shaped burrito bowls, made out of plant byproduct, perfect for eco-friendly take out