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Gable Boxes / Barn Boxes

Take a step forward and stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching gable box (also called barn boxes). Our wholesale gable boxes make for very handy packaging, and the color options allow for plenty of creative ways to get your business noticed. The barn boxes can be used for food packaging, lunch boxes, gifts, and so much more!

  • Gable Boxes are versatile containers which give the benefits of a bag and a box in one attractive package.
  • Our large gable boxes can be used for food service, gifts, lunch boxes, delis, and restaurants.
  • With a large variety of sizes, all shapes and sizes of food will have a gable gift box to fit it all.
  • Many different designs and sizes available.
  • Ask us about getting your logo put on one today!

Gable Boxes with Window

Featuring a clear window in the side of the box, ideal for showcasing products and adding perceived value.

Holiday Gable Boxes

We offer these limited-edition choices of beautiful Holiday and Christmas themed gable gift boxes which are bound to add a festive appeal to your presentation.

Brown Kraft Gable Boxes

Try our simple, yet economical, green-friendly take out gable boxes for all your food product needs. Various sizes available to hold all foods.

Colored Pinstripe Gable Boxes

Vibrantly colored gable boxes are accented with pinstripes and are available in five sizes, including tall gable boxes and multiple colors, including white.

Mini Gable Boxes

Mini gable boxes are the perfect packaging for anything miniature, including: chocolates, candies, cookies or any small treat!

Solid Color Gable Boxes

Our solid color gable box collection is the ideal line of boxes for lunches, bakeries, gifts, holidays, or any type of event!

White Gable Boxes

Try these simple, yet economical take out gable boxes for all your food product needs. Various sizes available to hold all foods.