Natural Brown Kraft Condiment Carrying Tray - 9-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 2-5/8 in. (250/case)

Item #::  XFS962C-501

This brown paper tray is perfect for concession stands or take out meals.

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Natural Brown Kraft Condiment Carrying Tray - 9-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 2-5/8 in.
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    Code:  XFS962C-501
    size:  9-3/8 x 6-5/8 x 2-5/8"
    Qty / Case:  250/case
    Color / Style:  Brown Kraft
    Shipping Weight:  31.00 pounds

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    $0.16 each @ 1 case
    $0.16 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.15 each @ 5+ cases
      This product is Made In America  
    • Room for up to 4 cups
    • Straps fold in off each corner to secure cups
    • Pop-out holes in the bottom provide extra ventilation or a great place to hold snow-cones
    • Convenient shipping and storage, pack and ship flat in case
    • Fully customizable - add your name or logo!

    Ask a question or search questions and answers below.

    Q: What size cup does the condiment carrying tray hold? (Item #XFS962C-501)

    A: The condiment carrying tray holds cups of sizes 8-24 oz. greatly!

    Q: Hello, I was wondering what size cups fit in item Code: XFS962C-501Thank you

    A: The carrying tray can hold up to 4 24 oz. cups comfortably!

    Q: What is the approximate maximum diameter of the cup that will fit in the cup holder sections of item XFS962C-501?

    A: The approximate diameter of the cup at it's widest point in the holder area is 3". This carrying tray will hold both cold and hot cups comfortably. The sizes that will fit well are from 8 oz to 24 oz. In addition to keeping your drinks secure, you can also put your fries, utensils/napkins here among other items. Give us a call at 888-321-2248 M-F, 9 am- 6 pm if you have any other questions. We'd be happy to help.

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