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Chocolate Brown Ripple Paper Coffee Cups - 20 oz. (500/case)
Product Code: XFSBSTWCR20-CHOC

These unique chocolate brown ripple cups will get noticed.

Chocolate Brown Ripple Paper Coffee Cups - 20 oz.
    Hot Liquid Safe
    Leak Resistant
    Green Product
    Purchase Chocolate Brown Ripple Paper Coffee Cups - 20 oz.
    • Wholesale Pricing
      Quantity Price
      1 $176.27
      2-4 $168.77
      5+ $165.25
    • For orders of 10 cases or more call us at 888-321-2248 *All Prices in USD ($)

    • Discounted Price Per Case

      $0.35 each @ 1 case
      $0.34 each @ 2-4 cases
      $0.33 each @ 5+ cases
    • Specifications

      Product Code:


      Unit size:

      20 oz.

      Qty / Cs.:



      Chocolate Brown


      20 oz.

      Shipping Weight:

      27.00 pounds
    • Paper material allows for these hot cups to be disposable while not harmful to the environment like styrofoam or plastic.
    • The ripple material serves two purposes for heat protection and insulation; by adding a second layer of material, and more importantly, the ripples create tiny air gaps between the cup and the wrapper. Air is a pretty good insulator, so it means less effective heat transfer between the contents and your hand.
    • This also eliminates the need for a secondary sleeve for your cups or for "double cupping." This helps with costs and inventory management as well.
    • Both the chocolate brown color and the swirl ripple texture on these cups makes them stand out both at the counter and while in use in public. Most ripple cups have straight, vertical ripples, while these are horizontal and wrap around the cup.
    • The capacity is printed on the outside of the cup in white, so it's easy for your employees to pick the right size, and lets your customers know what size drink they're getting.
    • Available in 4 different sizes: 8 oz., 12 oz.,16 oz., and 20 oz.
    • Every lid that we offer fits these cups well (as long as the sizes match up. 8 oz lid will never fit 12 oz. cup)
    • Back of cup reads: "Caution: Hot Contents"
    • *Lids sold separately, check "Related Products"

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