Seal 2 Go - Biodegradable Tamper Evident Plastic Takeout Bags - 18 x 16 + 9 in. (250/case)

Item #::  XFSPPS2G18169-BIO

Worried about delivery drivers putting your business and good name in jeopardy by tampering with or stealing food from your home delivery customers? We have the answer. And, this one is BIODEGRADEABLE!

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Seal 2 Go - Biodegradable Tamper Evident Plastic Takeout Bags - 18 x 16 + 9 in.
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    Code:  XFSPPS2G18169-BIO
    size:  18 x 16 + 9 in.
    Qty / Case:  250/case
    Color / Style:  White
    Shipping Weight:  9.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $0.39 each @ 1 case
    $0.36 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.33 each @ 5+ cases

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    Seal 2 Go - Tamper Evident Plastic Takeout Bags

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    • The 18 x 16 x 9 in. has been specially manufactured to be BIODEGRADABLE
    • Seal-2-Go ™ is a unique tamper evident delivery system with today's home delivery business in mind.
    • Seal 2 Go bag gauge (thickness) is HD 1.5mil.
    • Patent Pending
    • An adhesive strip makes sure that only way into the bag is by tearing the top open, which will be obvious if anyone other than the customer attempts to open it.
    • A perforation across the top of the bag allows for the customer to easily tear it open and remove contents
    • Provides your customers with peace of mind that their food wasn't touched or tampered after you packaged it
    • Top bag corners act as vents to allow steam and moisture release
    • The bag opens wide at the top, making it easier to load compared to a rigid paper bag
    • Interested in seeing your logo on these bags? Click here to get started with branded tamper evident bags.
    • Tamper evident takeout bags deter hungry drivers from sampling food, and also provide protection from contamination.
    • Additional safety and security provides more value to your products
    • Very easy to use for takeout

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