Custom Coffee Sleeves

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Custom Coffee Sleeves
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    How Do I Order Branded Coffee Sleeves?

    It's easy! Just fill out the form and we'll get in touch right away. We'll be able to walk you through each step of the process for customizing your cup sleeves - including sleeve type, color, artwork, and design. Plus, we'll work with your budget to get you the quantity of sleeves you need, when you need them. We'll help make the process quick and easy.

    Why Buy Custom Coffee Sleeves?

    A coffee cup jacket will work to keep hands comfortable when serving hot drinks like coffee or tea. Without a cup sleeve, the heat can transfer through the disposable paper coffee cups and burn hands.

    But most importantly - a branded coffee sleeve works to make your business easily identifiable and will distinguish your brand from others. Branding your product increases the value of your product and business as well, by creating a professional aire of expertise

    Your sleeves are going on disposable coffee cups - something that's probably going out the door and into the public. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your brand awareness. Something as simple as spotting your branded coffee sleeve can bring in new customers.

    Plus, while we might groan about seeing the millionth shot of someone with their morning latte on social media - a custom cup sleeve gets your brand in that same shot - getting way more eyes on your products, and traffic in your doors.

    Types of Customizable Coffee Cup Sleeves

    We offer a few types of personalized coffee sleeves that meet a few different types of needs depending on your budget or use.

    Corrugated sleeves provide increased heat protection when used with a single wall cup. However, they absorb a little bit more ink than a smooth coffee sleeve, so your artwork could appear slightly duller and doesn't "pop" quite as much.

    Laminated sleeves are thinner and don't protect against heat as well - but sometimes heat protection isn't the goal - and these types of sleeves produce sharp colors and clean lines that really stand out.

    Custom Drink Sleeve Colors

    Generally, we see customers opting for natural brown kraft coffee sleeves or white coffee sleeves. The kraft sleeves are an eco-friendly option that also generally comes with a lower price and a classic, but eco-conscious look. Our white cup sleeves, on the other hand, really allow colors to pop and stand out from the sleeve.

    We can also produce full color coffee sleeves - it might cost a little more or take a little longer. No matter what you're looking for, our team can provide help and advice with any design ideas.

    Why Choose a Branded Drink Sleeve?

    A cup sleeve fits on many types of cups. Maybe you've got the perfect generic hot cups or cold cups for your products. One branded wholesale drink sleeve can fit multiple cups while still provide all of the benefits of branding, without the need for excess inventory.

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