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MrTakeOutBags.com is your one stop shop for foodservice packaging including custom design, green, renewable, biodegradable and compostable products for bakeries, restaurants, businesses and more!

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Need custom takeout bags or boxes for your restaurant or bakery? Not a problem. We're here to work with you, one-on-one to create some fantastic packaging that is not only practical, but also stands out, gets attention, and ultimately helps to expand your business.

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We carry products in many different categories: like takeout bags, takeout boxes, paper coffee cups, plastic containers, disposable cutlery. If you're looking for disposable coffee cups, we have over 50 options of colors, sizes or styles. Or for bakery boxes, we have white, black, pink, natural brown kraft colors, designs, windows, lock-corner boxes, semi-automatic boxes, large boxes, small boxes, and even cupcake inserts for those boxes.

Wide Selection at MrTakeOutBags


MrTakeOutBags.com has been in operation since 2008, serving over 80,000 customers throughout North America. As a family run company, we're in tune with many of our customers who run small businesses and do a lot of the work themselves. Because we've worked with so many different businesses of all sizes and types, we're uniquely positioned to provide quality advice across a broad range of industries ranging from hotel chains to neighborhood bakeries

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When you call us during business hours, you'll speak to a real person. We make our phone number visible because we want you to call us to discuss your takeout packaging needs. It's something that we do better than anyone else, and it's what helps to set us apart from other faceless internet corporations. If you have a question about whether or not a takeout bag will fit your container; call us. If you don't know what kind of paper coffee cup to choose; call us.

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We serve you from our 24,000 square foot central warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA and through multiple distribution centers throughout the United States.

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