Quilon Parchment Pan Liner Paper 16-3/8 x 12-3/16" (Half Sheet) (2000/case)

Item #::  19012

Use: Greaseproof Quilon Pan Liners for baking pans to reduce costs and eliminate clean up time

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Quilon Parchment Pan Liner Paper 16-3/8 x 12-3/16" (Half Sheet)
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    Code:  19012
    size:  16-3/8 x 12-3/16"
    Color / Style:  Q-Bake
    Shipping Weight:  24.00 pounds

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    • A replacement to traditional parchment paper used to line baking pans to reduce costs and eliminate cleanup time
    • 16-3/8" x 12-3/8" size
    • Keep baked goods from sticking to the pans and eliminate stains on your baking pans
    • Reusable, adding value to their cost
    • Non-stick surface resists grease, moisture, water, and oven browning
    • Made from renewable resources, compostable, and 100% biodegradable
    • FDA approved, Kosher approved, and Pareve

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    Q: In the description it says they are reusable. What do you mean by that? Do I wash it, just wipe it off, flip it over? How many times is it reusable?Thanks

    A: Quilon is designed for one or two uses and then disposed. Best to just wipe since the sheet liner protects the pan from grease build-up, minimal cleaning is then needed.

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