10 oz. White Paper Coffee Cups by Dart / Solo (1000/case)

Item #::  4725

This 10oz. plain white hot cup is a top quality coffee cup for your coffee and tea house and various other businesses. Ideal size for small or medium portion hot drinks.

Traditional size coffee sleeves do not fit properly on this cup.

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10 oz. White Paper Coffee Cups by Dart / Solo
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    Code:  4725
    size:  10 oz.
    Qty / Case:  1000/case
    Color / Style:  White
    Capacity:  10 oz.
    Shipping Weight:  33.00 pounds

    Discounted Price Per Case

    $0.08 each @ 1 case
    $0.07 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.07 each @ 5+ cases
      This product is Made In America  
    • Strong, durable, heavy-weight paper hot cups - sleeve needed
    • Top quality design and structure compare to cheap imported paper cups sold by competitors
    • LDPE lined FDA approved, chlorine free bleached paper made by Dopaco
    • Fully customizable - 100,000 cup minimum per size
    • White, Black, Brown, and fully compostable dome lids available!
    • Fully recyclable capabilities
    • Top Diameter: 3-1/4"
    • Bottom Diameter: 2-1/4"
    • Height: 3-3/4"

    Ask a question or search questions and answers below.

    Q: Are these cups made in the USA?What kind of delivery date am I looking at if I order from you this week with custom printing? Also, how do I get my artwork to you?

    A: Yes, these cups are made in USA! For your ordering and customizing questions, please call one of our specialists for your design plans.

    Q: how high is the cup? Our coffee maker can handle a cup w/a maximum height of 5.9" tall.

    A: GOOD NEWS...these paper coffee cups are 3-3/4 " tall so they will work for your coffee maker

    Q: How tall are these cups?

    A: These 10 OZ. Squat Paper Coffee Cups are 3-3/4" tall and 3-1/2" top diameter. These 10 oz paper coffee cups use the conventional sized lids that work on 12 oz to 20 oz in the same line of cups. These are made in the USA by Dopaco. They are good quality, not cheap imports.

    Q: Are the white 10 Ounce cups doubled walled?

    A: No, these white paper coffee cups aren't double walled. If you're looking for double walled coffee cups, here's our variety of coffee cups that are double walled, click here

    Q: I'm probably overlooking it , but how many cups per case?

    A: 1000 paper coffee cups per case. Yes, the quantities of our cups and many items is usually in the title...I think it should also be in the body of the Text...we better work on that.10 oz. White Paper Coffee Cups by Dopaco (1000 / case)

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