1 lb. Natural Brown Kraft Window Coffee Bags - Polypropylene (PP) Lined (1000/case)

Item #::  TN-4

Typically used for 1 lb. of coffee, but can also be used for candy, small baked goods, or any other small food product

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1 lb. Natural Brown Kraft Window Coffee Bags - Polypropylene (PP) Lined
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    Code:  TN-4
    size:  4.75 x 2.5 x 9.5
    Qty / Case:  1000/case
    Color / Style:  Natural Kraft
    Capacity:  1 lb.
    Shipping Weight:  33.00 pounds

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    $0.17 each @ 1 case
    $0.16 each @ 2-4 cases
    $0.15 each @ 5+ cases
      This product is Made In America  
    • 1 lb. tin-tie, double wall, flat bottom coffee bag
    • Natural brown, heavy weight paper with polypropylene interior liner to keep contents fresh
    • Natural Brown Kraft paper bag with square clear window to show off the freshness of your coffee or other food products
    • Size of Tin Tie Bag: 4.75" x 2.5" x 9.5"
    • Size of the clear window: 2.75" x 3.25"

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    Q: Are these grease proof, I'm using fragrance oils? Thanks.

    A: For your purpose of fragrance oils, I wouldn't suggest these bags. They are able to withstand some some food grease/oils, but not larger quantities of oils.

    Q: what weight is the kraft paper used? Are single samples available to preview before ordering a case of 1000?

    A: The paper weight is about 50#, and is a little bit even stronger with the plastic liner! Samples are available...call and one of our sales reps can further help you with a sample order!

    Q: Will the PLA liner prevent minor grease spots? I want to use this for granola which is not very greasy but does have vegetable oil in it.

    A: Yes it will. If it says it has a liner, it most likely is grease proof. The PLA liner is special because it's fully compostable.

    Q: Does the PLA Contain any corn or corn products? I am in search of a cookie bag that has a see through window that is a green product that does not contain any form of corn due to allergies? If this does, could you please suggest an alternate product?Thank you.

    A: Polylactic Acid (PLA) is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. Looks as though as of now we do not have

    Q: Please let me know if these bags will be offered in the 1/2 lb. size, not just 1 lb. I would definately buy these over the other kraft ones since they are biodegradable, green, and compostable. If they will be offered in the future, please let me know!Thanks, Jordan Aud

    A: I checked with the manufacturer and and this is the only size available in those specifications.

    Q: Hello,I would like to know if this model of bags keeps theroasted cocoa beans fresh and resist a little of grease. I saw another model of bag that says is grease resistant but i like this one better. Otherwhise, I want to know the difference between Polypropylene and Polyacitide Liner and which one will bit better my product. Thank you very much for your time and consieration.

    A: I'm sorry, did you mean Roasted Coffee Beans and which bag woud keep them fresh? Or Roasted Cocoa Beans? I don't know about putting Roasted Cocoa beans because I'm unfamiliar with them. Tons of our customers use the PLA Tin Tie bags for Coffee Beans and tons use the Polypropylene Liner tin tie bags for roasted coffee beans but if freshness is the most important thing in terms of air and or moisture going in and out then definitely the Polypropylene bags....that siad the main reason people buy our Poly Lactic Acid PLA lined brown tin tie bags is because htat PLA film is digestible by the earthworms and little critters that do the composting work. PLA is made from Plant starch and Polypropylene is a by product of oil, and not biodegradable or compostable, at least not fast like the PLA lined bags. Thanks for asking.

    Q: With regard to the grease resistance, would these bags be able to hold a spiced nut mixture that is prepared with butter without showing a grease stain? If you don't believe so, can you recommend a good bag with a tin tie in Kraft Brown?

    A: I say TEST THEM for anything with a lot of butter and you may end up needing to have an inner liner polypropylene bag which we can suggest to fit the size bag you order. We have sizes that aren't online as well if the ones we list don't work. But perhaps these tin tie bags with a polypropylene liner will work ok, I just have found customers with a mix, and especially butter are smart to TEST FIRST. Call for samples!!!

    Q: What is the shelf life of cookies or popcorn inside this eco-friendly bag? And is it heat sealable? Would that add to the shelf life?Thanks!

    A: NO, you would not want to use the PLA bag if shelf life is important. the reason is PLA film, while being biodegradable and looks a lot like poly, is as one industry expert described it to me, like a screen door. It will allow the moisture in the cookies to get out, as it lets outside air in. Poly lined tin tie bags are MUCH BETTER for shelf life of cookies. How long exactly they stay in the poly lined tin tie style bags varies from one type of cookie to the other due to the differences of ingredients and storage conditions. We strongly recommend that before you make your choices for bags to hold cookies with our without windows that you TEST your cookies in our bags. Call for samples and you will need several so you can try them in a week, two weeks, three weeks or whatever time frame is needed for your product.

    Q: What are the dimensions of the window? thanks

    A: This brown kraft window tin tie coffee bag has a window that is 2.75" (width) x 3.25" (height). Hope that helps.

    Q: Are the bags heat sealable?

    A: Yes, but please test it for your application before buying tons of them. PLA is itself a somewhat porous fil so whether or not you even want PLA lined is a question. shelf life and what amount of air and moisture transmission your product can tolerate is all important. Test it please. PLA is heat seal-able but in the industry, they would call this a destructive bond, meaning that there is a breakdown of the structure of the film itself. Basically it falls between fair to poor, depending on the temperature, time and pressure applied for these Compostable PLA lined Tin Tie Bags. PLA as a material is a plant based starch compound that looks and feels like Poly, but it's porous and reacts somewhat easily to heat.

    Q: I plan to use these bags for natural herbs, which ones would you suggest for keeping herbs fresh? Peppermint, Red Clover & Chamomile are the herbs used.

    A: These brown kraft window coffee bags should be your best bet. But just so you're aware, these bags are not 100% air tight. We have customers that use these tin tie coffee bags for 101 uses. It all depends on your shelf life.

    Q: what are the dimensions of the window in each bag?

    A: The dimensions of the window on this 1 lb. kraft brown tin tie coffee bag are 2.75" across and 3.25" high.

    Q: Im looking for an eco-friendly product for packaging of dehydrated food products (kale chips, apple chips) as well as dent corn products (corn meal, polenta, grits). these items are very dry with little moisture so im wondering what the shelf life would be in this product.

    A: Yes, these window coffee bags are a great eco-friendly product. But when it comes to shelf life, because every food product is different, it's very difficult to throw out any timeframes. What I might suggest would be to get several samples in your hands so you can experiement yourself using your specific products. Give us a call at 888-321-2248 and we can help you out.

    Q: Are these tin tie bags to be used for coffee only or can other items be placed in there like candy or popcorn?

    A: All polypropylene lined paper coffee tin tie bags work well for most applications such as packaging for coffee, candy, cookies and even dog treats. It is also heat seal-able for longer shelf life.

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