Unfortunately the Manufacturer has halted their production of the Eco-Sleeves and we have been hoping there would be a new source for a similar product come up but to date nobody is making EcoSleeve. We have an extensive selection of Paper Sleeves for Paper Coffee Cups on the following page www.mrtakeoutbags.com/store/coffee-sleeves-clutches.html

Our Recycled EcoSleeve line is a great hot and cold cup sleeve that stands out amongst all other green-friendly sleeves. The eco-friendly coffee sleeves are made from a foam material that provides a comfortable fit while being eco-friendly. Both ink and tree free, this green alternative sleeve is available in five great colors.

  • 66% less waste than paper sleeves
  • REDUCE: reduces carbon footprint by 190 tons per year
  • REUSE: much more durable than paper sleeves and glue, able to be reused multiple times.
  • RECYCLE: sleeves are able to be recycled into the same product, over and over.
  • Saves one tree per 10 cases compared to paper sleeves

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