Custom Pop Up Gift Card Boxes

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Custom Pop Up Gift Card Boxes
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    This is the most popular lowest minimum option that has excellent impact that creates value and benefits to the business that offers them to gift card customers particularly in the Corporate Gift Market. Hotstamping can be done with any "Stock Box" shown on our website for a minimum of 500 pieces. Typically customers send us a line art image of their business logo and we make a plate (one time printing plate expense of usually $75). Films that are used to print your logo can be Metallic Colors or Matte Colors that we have on hand. Currently there are about 50 colors of Hotstamp Print Films to choose from to coordinate with our 40 different box colors and designs.


    Examples shown that were hotstamped are: OpusGlow, Lobster Gram and Von Maur. Lobster Gram had the entire sheet that wraps the box Hotstamped for an incredible effect but the minimum is much higher than a more common logo print on the front of the box, and is a special quote that depends on which paper exterior is chosen and the box quantity required.

    Custom Print Options

    To make these boxes "pop" your presentation of Logo Gift Cards to whatever level you can imagine. Printing capability is from one or two colors up to complete all-over printing in full color process. The interior of the boxes could be one of our stock interior colors and prints with To: From: and Amount: or it can be printed with anything you require but it will add to the overall cost.
    • Bellagio was customized both inside and outside, minimums for a job like this would be 2500 boxes.
    • White with Green Bucket this job had the logo on the top front. It also had the Company info on the edge and bottom of the box. - 2500 box minimum.
    • Charlotte Bobcats this customized gift card box was done using full color printing process, which carries a 2500 piece minimum.
    • Hannifan's Grill this pop-up gift card box was also a full color print, simple and effective, 2500 box minimum.
    • Lobster Gram this was a stock Black Matte box hotstamped with Black Gloss script wiring - 500 box minimum.
    • Opus Glow this stock Gold Mine box was hotstamped with a Green Metallic Foil -500 box low minimum.
    • Von Maur this was a "stock" White Gloss box hotstamped Metallic Gold - 500 box low minimum.

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