Custom Paper Lunch Bags and Grocery Bags

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Custom Paper Lunch Bags and Grocery Bags
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    Custom Paper Lunch Bags and Grocery Bags

    Branded Paper Bags

    Branding your takeout packaging is becoming a necessity. Getting your logo and brand onto a personalized paper bag is an extremely cost-effective way to get your customers to help you advertise by carrying around your messaging.

    Branded Paper Bags

    Printing Options for Custom Paper Bags

    We offer a wide array of printing options that allow you to create any type of custom paper lunch bag that you want.

  • Logo and branding: At the very least, you should be putting your logo and company brand into the packaging that leaves your store. This is our bread and butter, and we can get you started on a simple logo bag quickly.
  • Colored Bags: While the standard colors used are white and natural brown kraft, we also have the ability to print a wide array of different colored paper bags to fit your unique look and feel
  • Gusset / All-Over Print We also have the ability to do entire bag coverage and gusset [side panels] printing, allowing for even more branding opportunities or room for information or more complex and eye-catching designs.
  • Printing Options for Custom Paper Bags

    Paper Lunch Bag Uses

    You might also see or hear these paper grocery bags referred to as Custom SOS Bags which stands for 'Self Opening Sack'. This is more of an industry term that refers to the ability to hold the bag by the top, using the thumb notch, and swinging the bag so that it opens by itself. In everyday language, you'll hear these referred to as paper lunch bags, paper grocery bags, lunch sacks etc. When you think of the classic "brown paper lunch bag", this is what you're referring to.

    Paper Lunch Bag Uses

    Custom Paper Bag Sizes

    We offer a variety of sizes of these paper bags in order to fid a wide array of applications ranging from retail packaging to tons of food service applications. Historically, the sizes of these bags are referred to by the amount of weight of dry goods (foods could be stored without immediate danger of spoiling e.g. beans, flours, whole grains, oats etc.) So you might see or hear them referred to as a "Six pound SOS bag". Of course, that might not apply to your specific product, as there would be a higher volume of something big and bulky like light baked goods, versus something dense like meat wrapped in butcher paper. Since the sizing could be tricky, call us or fill out the form and our reps will work with you to find the best Paper Lunch Sack size for your products.

    Custom Paper Bag Sizes

    Minimum Orders and Lead Times for Branded Lunch Bags

    Generally, we have a low-end minimum of 5,000 bags, which also only applies to certain printing methods, so be sure to contact us so that we can discuss the best option for you. Lead times are generally 4-6 weeks after artwork approval and deposit. These issues can be complicated, so we urge to you work with us on a one-to-one direct contact basis so that we can all be absolutely certain we're producing the best branded paper bags for your business.

    Minimum Orders and Lead Times for Branded Lunch Bags

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